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  1. Movies

    The Muppets bust a move in new musical trailer

    Later this month, The Muppets will be back on the big screen. To celebrate their return, here's a special trailer to get you in the...
  2. Movies

    TRAILER: Kermit gets caught in Muppets Most Wanted

    Disney has premiered a new trailer for Muppets Most Wanted . The highly anticipated sequel has everything you need: Stars, music...
  3. Movies

    Muppets Most Wanted trailer channels Maroon 5

    The Muppets are on the run. In Muppets Most Wanted , they've become public enemy number one. Yet, they still find time to sing,...
  4. Movies

    Disney confirms 2014 slate: Muppets, Maleficent and more!

    Walt Disney Pictures knows how to plan ahead: The studio has major blockbusters heading our way. 2013's already set, but they've...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Ricky Gervais' new BFF Kermit the Frog?

    The man of many talents is in talks for a new challenge, as a friend to the muppets. He may replace Jason Segel in the the sequel to...
  6. Entertainment

    Muppet lovers are going to Washington

    Muppet lovers protect their own. They are headed to Washington, D.C., for the Million Puppet March, taking place three days before...
  7. Music

    Lana Del Rey sings a song about Courtney Love's vagina

    Del Rey sang a cover at a show last week. What she didn't realize is the writer's widow would find out about it.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Berenstain Bears distance themselves from Chick-fil-A

    The beloved bears already had an agreement for their toys to be added to the chain's kids' meals. Their publisher is honoring the...
  9. Entertainment

    Chick-fil-A recalls Muppet toys day before boycott

    As of Thursday morning, a recall notice from a Chik-fil-A store in Texas had been shared nearly 19,000 times on Facebook. The...
  10. Entertainment

    The Muppets are latest celebrities to boycott Chick-fil-A

    The Jim Henson Company has announced they will pull their toys out of Chick-Fil-A happy meals and donate the money to GLAAD.
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Jason Segel

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    Wading through young adulthood isn't so bad when you have adorable actor Jason Segel as a partner in crime. We've spent years...
  12. Movies

    Top 5 Redbox DVDs: A furry, green love fest

    Kermie, Piggy and Fozzie are back together again. The highly successful reprise of the popular Muppet movie series is our number one...
  13. Fashion & Style

    Miss Piggy's top St. Patrick's Day beauty and fashion tips

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    Kissy! Kissy! Tis moi, Miss Piggy! My dear friends at have asked moi to share with vous some of my favorite beauty and...
  14. Movies

    The Muppets take a bite out of The Hunger Games

    The Muppets have hopped on The Hunger Games bandwagon. The famous puppets star in a new spoof that pokes fun at the upcoming...
  15. Movies

    Jason Segel not participating in Muppets sequel

    Jason Segel confirms that he won't be writing or starring in the next Muppets movie, and it's not because of his busy schedule.
  16. Movies

    Is Jason Segel ending his friendship with The Muppets ?

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    Jason Segel was largely responsible for bringing The Muppets back to the silver screen. Now, he doesn't have the time to do it again.
  17. Entertainment

    Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog go couture!

    The Muppets' Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog pull out all the stops for their red carpet debut at the Academy Awards — including...
  18. Movies

    Best Original Song between Rio and The Muppets

    Only two films are fighting to win the Oscar for Best Original Song. Does "Man or Muppet" or "Real in Rio" deserve the win tomorrow...
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    Kermit the Frog takes down Fox News

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    The Muppets didn't react too kindly when a news network questioned the politics of their recent film. Find out what Kermit the Frog...
  20. Movies

    Hollywood wants you to elect a puppet president

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    Muppet Marvin E. Quasniki wants to be the next President of the United States.