the killing

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    It's a boy! Mireille Enos is a mom for the second time

    There's good news for The Killing actress Mireille Enos because she's just become a mom for the second time, this time to a little...
  2. Television

    The Killing finds new life on Netflix

    The Killing can't be killed. The show has already been canceled twice. Now, Netflix is reviving the series for Season 4, which...
  3. Television

    The Killing canceled after 3 rocky seasons

    AMC's The Killing has a rocky past. After suffering a drastic drop in numbers in its second season, a cancellation and a reboot,...
  4. Television

    The Killing recap: It never ends

    In the two-hour Season 3 finale of The Killing , called "From Up Here" and "The Road to Hamelin," everyone begins to move on after...
  5. Television

    The Killing recap: Can things get any worse?

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    In this episode of The Killing , called "Six Minutes," Ray's final moments on earth tick down as Linden continues to do whatever...
  6. Television

    The Killing recap: Will the killer get a new victim?

    In this episode of The Killing , called "Try," Linden goes on a long drive with Pastor Mike and as she learns more about him,...
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    Kick-butt shows to watch this summer

    After a rough day at work, few things are more empowering than watching other ladies kick a little butt on television. It's the...
  8. Television

    The Killing recap: Linden gets in deeper

    In this episode of The Killing , titled "Hope Kills," Holder and Linden discovered that Pastor Mike was hiding frightening secrets,...
  9. Television

    The Killing recap: A new suspect comes to light

    In this episode of The Killing , titled "Eminent Domain," Linden and Holder continue to follow the trail of the killer and come...
  10. Television

    The Killing recap: One lost and one found

    In this episode of The Killing called "Scared and Running," Holder and Linden follow a strong lead when a young girl matching...
  11. Television

    The Killing recap: Linden and Holder back on the case

    Linden sneaks around to find the truth about Seward, while Holder's investigation leads him to a den of despair.
  12. Television

    Peter Sarsgaard to strike fear into The Killing

    The Killing 's coming back with a vengeance. The AMC drama has tapped Peter Sarsgaard as its new baddie. The actor's best known for...
  13. Television

    AMC's The Killing not so dead after all?

    We haven't seen the last of The Killing . The AMC drama, which was canceled earlier this year, is on the mend. It may have found a...
  14. Television

    Case closed: AMC cancels The Killing

    Gone too soon? Or did The Killing overstay its welcome? The AMC Network has just pulled the plug on the acclaimed series. After...