the hunger games

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    Francis Lawrence to direct the next 3 Hunger Games films

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    The next three Hunger Games films officially have a director as Lionsgate announces its choice for director to continue the series.
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    Hunger Games: Mockingjay writer is a real game changer

    The Hunger Games has come full circle. After searching high and low, Lionsgate has found a writer for the next sequel, Mockingjay....
  3. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    How to get The Hunger Games ' Capitol look

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    One of the most popular movies of 2012, The Hunger Games , is the inspiration for many Halloween costumes this year. If you want to...
  4. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    How to make a Katniss Everdeen costume for under $30

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    The Hunger Games hysteria that gripped the universe last fall is very much still at large. With a little help from my closet, a...
  5. Movies

    Bradley Cooper is now a Hunger Games fan

    The actor tells The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence he saw her movie and that, because of her, he is now a fan.
  6. Family Fun

    Elizabeth Banks talks motherhood, movies and her favorite Girl Scout cookies

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    Elizabeth Banks is known for her flawless appearance on the big screen, but she's also Mom to 18-month-old Felix... and a former...
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    It's official: The Hunger Games has found Finnick

    Finnick Odair finally has a face and it's Sam Claflin. The actor has snagged one of the most popular roles in The Hunger Games...
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    Top DVD rentals: The Hunger Games hits No. 1

    If you haven’t seen it on the big screen, then get in line this weekend when The Hunger Games releases on DVD. See Katniss in all...
  9. Fashion & Style

    The Hunger Games ' Willow Shields dishes on fashion and film

    Willow Shields wowed us all with her portrayal of Primrose Everdeen, Katniss' sister, in The Hunger Games, and you could say we're a...
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    Jennifer Lawrence risked burns to film The Hunger Games

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    Jennifer Lawrence had quite the time of it while filming The Hunger Games . Sure, some of the crazy things Katniss Everdeen faced...
  11. Movies

    Studio announces release dates for next three Hunger Games

    Lionsgate Films has booked the same weekend from 2013 to 2015 for the next three movies in The Hunger Games series.
  12. Entertainment

    Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get married?

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    Hemsworth gushed about his fiancee last night at an awards show, and accidentally called her his wife. Does this mean they took the...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence makes real-life rescue

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    Jennifer Lawrence is accustomed to kick-butt action on the big screen as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. But she was pulled...
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    Hunger Games sequel plans to shoot in IMAX

    The Hunger Games was huge . The sequel, Catching Fire , should be bigger. So Lionsgate just revealed plans to shoot key sequences...
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    Oscar winner being courted for Catching Fire

    Catching Fire is trying to catch an Oscar winner. Producers currently are courting Philip Seymour Hoffman for an integral role in...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Miley's 3.5 carat Neil Lane engagement ring

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    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who have been dating for three years, announced their engagement just this morning. But what does...
  17. Entertainment

    MTV Movie Awards: Winners and losers

    When official awards season is over, celebrities and fans can’t wait for the movie industry’s badass rock 'n' roll cousin, the MTV...
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    Robert Pattinson rumored to star in Hunger Games sequel

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    Is Robert Pattinson catching fire? The Twilight star is rumored to appear in the highly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel. Considering...
  19. Movies

    Hunger Games' cast clueless about Catching Fire's new director

    Director Gary Ross left a gaping hole in the future of the Hunger Games franchise when he refused to direct Catching Fire. What does...
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    Potter mania! 2012 MTV Movie Award nominees

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    The MTV Movie Awards are heading to a TV near you. The nominees for the 2012 ceremony have been revealed and they include veterans...