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    INTERVIEW: How Catching Fire's Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson got "crafty" between takes

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    SheKnows chatted with Jen and Chris and found out that surprisingly, neither actor did much preparation for the sequel. Read on to...
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    INTERVIEW: Banks won't make eye contact with teen girls

    Elizabeth Banks has some new rules for herself, given her wild success as Effie Trinket in last year's The Hunger Games . Watch our...
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    INTERVIEW: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 's Bruno Gunn

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    SheKnows' own Lauren Kelly sat down with Bruno Gunn, who plays the role of Brutus in the most anticipated film of the fall. Find out...
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    Jennifer Lawrence reveals her greatest fear

    Jennifer Lawrence may be willing to slam critics and go head to head with the media, but she does have one fear that constantly...
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    How to train for the Hunger Games

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    Would you survive if the Hunger Games were real? This custom fitness challenge will work to improve your speed, agility, stamina and...
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    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Strength and conditioning

    You can't survive the Quarter Quell without the strength and stamina to navigate the Hunger Games' many challenges. Developing...
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    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Stamina and endurance

    There's no downtime when you're running, jumping, swimming and climbing your way to victory in the Hunger Games. Enhance your...
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    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Agility and speed

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    Try jogging in a straight line through the Hunger Games arena and see how far that takes you. If that's your strategy, you might as...
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    Jennifer Lawrence leaves the red carpet to comfort crying fan

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    Jennifer Lawrence has once again shown the world what a beautiful person she is with her spontaneous act of kindness toward a crying...
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    Would you visit The Hunger Games theme park?

    The Hunger Games just got real. The blockbuster film series may be getting its very own theme park.
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    Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar loser

    Jennifer Lawrence may be able to remember thousands of lines for her latest films, but there are many things in her personal life...
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    Details about Catching Fire 's jaw-dropping wedding dress

    As if you needed another reason to see Catching Fire , the costumes are to die for! We sat down with the movie's costume designer...
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    VIDEO: Katniss and Gale bump heads in Catching Fire

    Katniss Everdeen's life is filled with drama. In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire she's at odds with everyone, including her best...
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    INTERVIEW: The cast of The Starving Games

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    What happens when a movie takes itself too seriously? It gets a spoof, of course! The dudes who brought us the Scary Movie...
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    November movie preview: SheKnows picks the flicks

    The cinema is heating up as awards season is officially here! While many of November's movies are making us hungry for popcorn, it’s...
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    Fear is real in Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is less than a month away. And in the latest trailer, Katniss Everdeen is back on the chopping...
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    Christina Aguilera joins The Hunger Games ' soundtrack

    Christina Aguilera lends her voice to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 's soundtrack with a powerful yet defiant ballad. Take a...
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    Josh Hutcherson is way funnier than Jennifer Lawrence

    Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence have become the best of friends since joining The Hunger Games cast. But when it comes to...
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    Josh Hutcherson is back on set with his BFF J-Law

    The cast of The Hunger Games is back on set, but the veterans were worried all the new actors wouldn't understand their close...
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    Jennifer Lawrence traumatized after being branded too ''fat''

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    Jennifer Lawrence may be the second-youngest actress to win an Oscar and is seriously talented, but her career has not been without...