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    Jennifer Lawrence's advice to Prim actress Willow Shields

    To celebrate the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on DVD, we sat down with Willow Shields, who plays Katniss' younger...
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    Zoë Kravitz shares details on bloody injury from the Divergent set

    The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, 25-year-old Zoë Kravitz, is making a major name for herself in Hollywood. SheKnows sat...
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    Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards hungry for Hunger Games

    Are you bored by awards season? Nickelodeon is livening things up with their 2014 Kids' Choice nominees.
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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The secrets behind Katniss' futuristic gowns from Catching Fire

    Ever wonder how those amazing dresses end up in The Hunger Games movies? Watch our exclusive Blu-Ray video clip to go behind the...
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    Most anticipated movie couples of 2014

    Last year, zombies, aliens and vampires dominated affairs of the heart at the cinema. But in 2014, love takes a decidedly more...
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    The Hunger Games cast: "Our hearts are breaking"

    Philip Seymour Hoffman's life ended too soon, and his cast mates from The Hunger Games are still in shock over his death.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman dies: What's next for The Hunger Games ?

    With Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic passing at 46 years of age, the world has lost another inimitable talent. The Oscar-winning...
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    David O. Russell: The Hunger Games has made JLaw a slave

    Jennifer Lawrence committed to four Hunger Games films, the first two of which have launched her career into superstardom. One of...
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    What do The Bachelor and The Hunger Games have in common?

    What could a reality TV dating show and a blockbuster film franchise about a dystopian nation's barbaric ritual games possibly have...
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    Top 10 sexiest (and shirtless!) movies

    Forget all the buzz about Golden Globe noms, what we really care about are the many muscled men of the movies. Take a look at our...
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    The Hobbit's Tauriel vs. The Hunger Games' Katniss smackdown

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    Both are archers. Both display incredible courage. Both are in love triangles. It's no wonder we're comparing the two and wondering...
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    Why Jennifer Lawrence may be too cool for Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts has been considered the biggest movie star in the world, but she said she thinks she may not be cool enough for the...
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    Get Katniss’ funky chunky scarf from Catching Fire

    Los Angeles-based designer Maria Dora created this handwoven scarf specifically for Catching Fire . Although replicas of this scarf...
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    The Hunger Games -inspired wedding ideas

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    Get prepared for your nuptials to the Peeta in your life with these The Hunger Games -inspired wedding themes. From fabulous...
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    The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

    The Katniss braid has left its mark on the hairstyle community. Now, cue Catching Fire and the famous 'do is going to a whole new...
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    5 Awesome things to know before seeing Catching Fire

    Shot with IMAX technology, this second installment in the franchise is a visual feast. From the costumes to the treacherous jungle,...
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    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire book vs. movie: 7 Tweaks

    How true is the film adaptation to the book? Loyal readers will be happy to know it's pretty darn close; however, there are a few...
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    WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence blooper reel from the Hunger Games junket

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    Jennifer Lawrence is our internet BFF. The actress is known for her down-to-earth personality and funny anecdotes. During the press...
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    INTERVIEW: Which Catching Fire actor ties a perfect noose?

    We sat down with Finnick and Johanna to find out what kind of pressure they felt when playing these beloved characters and to hear...
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    Catching Fire's Francis Lawrence answers: Does the movie stay true to the book?

    We sat down with the film's director, who's currently in the middle of filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 . Watch our...