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  1. Television

    Fans react: 2014 Emmy nomination snubs and shockers

    With the 2014 Emmy nominations announcement this morning, we couldn't help but notice a few contenders were noticeably absent from...
  2. Entertainment

    7 Shows you didn't know are crazy popular in other countries

    While Hollywood loves to borrow shows from other countries and reinvent them for American audiences, many of our original shows have...
  3. Entertainment

    Which powerful TV career woman are you?

    Love all those powerful fictional females on television, but feel like you relate to one in particular? Test that theory.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Spoiler alert: The Good Wife 's creators explain major plot twist

    The latest episode of the CBS legal drama The Good Wife has left fans reeling over its dramatic twist. The show's creators have...
  5. Television

    The Good Wife star talks shocking death on Letterman

    Warning: Major spoilers ahead for last night's episode of The Good Wife . If you're not caught up, your mind will be blown.
  6. Entertainment

    QUIZ: Match the celebrity to their impressive degree

    It seems only fair that we be given one exceptional gift, which in the case of celebrities is the ability to act and market...
  7. Television

    CBS renews 18 shows, big names still in limbo

    CBS has almost renewed its entire lineup. They've picked up another season of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Elementary and more....
  8. Television

    Most popular shows that aired in Chicago

    Whether it’s a comedy, true-crime or drama, TV shows set in Chicago have been popular among American viewers. Chicago played...
  9. Television

    Alicia defends Zach in season premiere of The Good Wife

    The Good Wife follows Alicia Florrick as she returns to a job as a litigator following a dozen years away from the courtroom....
  10. Television

    Michael J. Fox returns to TV with his own show

    NBC won the bidding war over Michael J. Fox's new show — which will resemble his own life in more ways than one.
  11. Television

    Kristin Chenoweth leaves The Good Wife forever

    Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth is leaving The Good Wife after a tragic accident on set.
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Gust of wind lands Kristin Chenoweth in the hospital

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    Pint-sized star Kristin Chenoweth has been hospitalized after a gust of wind went through the set of The Good Wife. Check out...
  13. Television

    CBS renews 15 shows: Did your fave survive?

    The folks at CBS must be in a good mood. The network has renewed the majority of their primetime slate for another season. The Good...
  14. Television

    The Good Wife borrows from Glee

    Usually Glee is the one announcing guest stars, not loaning its precious few to other shows.
  15. Television

    Emmy drama queen Julianna Margulies back in court Sunday

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    Julianna Margulies spent this Sunday basking in Emmy gold after landing yet another Best Actress nod for her work as The Good Wife...
  16. Skin Care

    Get Julianna Margulies' Emmy makeup look

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    The 2011 Emmys aired last night and the stunning star of The Good Wife , Julianna Margulies, took home the trophy for Outstanding...
  17. Television

    2011 Emmy Awards: Drama predictions...

    The 2011 Emmy Awards are proving to be an exciting race for all the drama categories, and it left us conflicted when it came time to...
  18. Television

    Who will take home the Emmy for Outstanding Drama series?

    We gave you the funny side of the Emmy nominees, now it's time for something a little more serious. Here are your 2011 nominees for...
  19. Movies

    Redbox DVD/Blu-ray Report: The weekend of Sept 9

    The new Redbox, Netflix and OnDemand DVD/Blu-ray releases for the weekend of Sept 9, 2011 offer some serious action, along with a...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Denis Leary: Michael J. Fox is the 'greatest human being alive'

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    Denis Leary says he is jealous of his friend Michael J. Fox's Emmy collection, but can't stay mad for long because Fox is "the...