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  1. Television

    Roll like an A-lister: How to host an off-the-hook Emmys party

    If you are a celebrity stalker or TV fanatic, it’s time to take your Emmys celebration to the next level. Imitating all of the pomp...
  2. Television

    Ditch the Plus 1: Four primetime stars going stag to the Emmys

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    Watching who walks down the red carpet together at the Emmys is almost as much fun as watching the awards show itself. This year,...
  3. Television

    2012 Emmys: 5 scuffles we'd like to see on the red carpet

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    The battles for best actor and actress titles may define the Primetime Emmy Awards, but we're keeping our eyes peeled this year for...
  4. Television

    5 stars who've been ripped off at the Emmys

    We always remember the winners, but what about the talented nominees who have put their hearts and souls into their parts but always...
  5. Television

    Ricky Gervais, Amy Poehler among presenters for Emmys

    The Primetime Emmy Awards are Sunday, Sept. 23, and today the show announced the first six of its presenters.
  6. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Steal the look: 3 Emmy hairstyles to try

    The Emmys are a night to celebrate the best shows on television, but it’s also a night to get beauty ideas and trends from the...
  7. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Top Emmy-inspired makeup looks

    With the 2012 Emmys right around the corner, let's take a look back at last year's awards and get inspired by some of the beautiful...
  8. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Celebrity secrets: Award show beauty tricks

    Here’s a little something that will blow your mind -- celebrities are just like us! They have bad skin days, dark circles and hair...
  9. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Match your tresses with your dresses: Choosing the perfect 'do

    When you're going to a party, wedding or other special event, you should always consider what dress you will be wearing when...
  10. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Color me fancy: Top color trends at the Emmys

    All eyes are on the red carpet at the awards shows to see what the top celebrities are wearing, from their gowns to their makeup and...
  11. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Red carpet hairstyles for fall

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    With the Emmy Awards right around the corner and celebrity events happening all the time, let's talk about the latest trends in red...
  12. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Emmy-inspired beauty: Easy updos

    No hairstyle is more classic than an updo. After all, it keeps your hair out of the way while showcasing your lovely facial...
  13. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Beauty emergency! How to be ready on the red carpet

    Let’s face it: No matter how many hours we spend primping in front of the mirror, beauty emergencies are bound to happen, typically...
  14. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Emmy-inspired beauty: How to avoid hairdo meltdown

    After you’ve spent hours perfecting your hairstyle, the last thing you want is for it to fall out of place at the first sight of a...
  15. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Red carpet beauty for everyday life

    You don’t have to be an A-list celeb to rock the red carpet look. In fact, it’s really quite easy! Snag these premiere products to...
  16. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Make the best-dressed list! Top award show fashion trends

    Just like our own closets, celebrity's wardrobes are full of hits and misses. However, on a select few days a year, they have a crew...
  17. Television

    Kelsey Grammer thinks GOP ties cost him an Emmy nod

    The actor said that even though he gives a great performance, some young actors in Hollywood may not be voting for him because of...
  18. Television

    PBS: Social media made Downton Abbey popular

    The show is about to enter its third season, and PBS CEO is talking about what makes the show so popular.
  19. Television

    Zooey Deschanel gets giddy as new girl on the Emmy block

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    Zooey Deschanel's 2012 Emmy nomination makes her, quite fittingly, one of the new girls on the honored block. The actress and singer...
  20. Television

    Mayim Bialik explains: I got nominated -- like Obama

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    Mayim Bialik is thrilled to have been nominated for a 2012 Emmy Award for her role on The Big Bang Theory -- but how can she explain...