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    Top 5 DVDs: Jack Black steals hearts in Bernie

    Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine star in this quirky crime drama about a murdering mortician and his latest victim. Grab an arm and...
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    Avengers sinks Battleship to nab third week at No. 1

    The unstoppable superhero movie The Avengers destroys Battleship’s chances at number one by earning more than $55 million again this...
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    This just in: Ron Burgundy hearts The Dictator

    The trailer for the sequel to the much loved Will Ferrell movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy will premiere this weekend...
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    Movie review: The Dictator

    Sacha Baron Cohen is known for playing outlandish characters and interacting with real people who don't realize he's an actor. But...
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    Sacha Baron Cohen breaks Dictator shtick for Seacrest

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    What does it take to get Sacha Baron Cohen to break from his Dictator character? A back stage run-in with Ryan Seacrest, and a bit...
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    Daily celebrity buzz for May 7, 2012

    Check out today's top celebrity news from around the web including Matthew Fox, the Met Ball, The Dictator and much more!
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    Download the free mobile game for The Dictator now!

    What's the most effective way to prepare for a new movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen? No, it's not flour-bombing -- stick to the...
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    Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator uses Obama clips

    Want to feel uncomfortable while watching a politically incorrect satire? You’re in luck, because Sacha Baron Cohen does it again...
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    Did Sacha Baron Cohen create an Arab stereotype?

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    Sacha Baron Cohen is under fire tonight from an Arab American group that says his latest character is nothing but exploitative. Read...
  10. Television

    Ryan Seacrest: Ashing wasn't a planned stunt

    Ryan Seacrest had the distinct pleasure of wearing Kim Jong-Il on the Oscars red carpet, courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen. Was he in on...
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    Hot trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen is The Dictator

    Sacha Baron Cohen wants you to laugh uncomfortably when you see his new political satire The Dictator.  
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    Hollywood packs Super Bowl punch with hot movie ads

    Hollywood gives the Super Bowl bang for its buck with several new movie trailers set to debut during the big game.
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    From one Dictator to another: Sorry you're dead

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    Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego from The Dictator has eulogized North Korea's Kim Jong-il. See what one bad guy had to say about the...
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    Sacha Baron Cohen slams Kardashians in The Dictator trailer

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    Sacha Baron Cohen is back in an oh-so-wrong, yet oh-so-funny take on the world of hilariously despicable political bad guys. Watch...