the dark knight rises

  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Christian Bale confirms he won't be in Justice League

    All three Dark Knight films were box office smash hits, but it looks like Justice League may be going in a different direction...
  2. Movies

    Hollywood's 10 hottest superheroes

    Iron Man 3 hits theaters this Friday, kicking off yet another blockbuster movie season filled with super(hot)heroes. Which one of...
  3. Television

    AFI's top 10 of 2012 favors Girls , Batman and zombies

    2012 is almost over and everyone's counting down the best shows and movies of the year. The American Film Institute has announced...
  4. Movies

    The Dark Knight rises to top DVD release

    Batman is making his way onto most wish lists this season, and with good reason. The Dark Knight Rises is well-deserving of this...
  5. Entertainment

    The thought of Catwoman makes Anne Hathaway cry

    Anne Hathaway can't stop crying. The actress gets emotional when thinking of her character in The Dark Knight Rises. Apparently,...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Christian Bale is a big softie for sick kid

    Christian Bale lights up the life of 4-year-old cancer patient Jayden Barber when he flies him and his mother to Disneyland for the...
  7. Workouts

    Celebody : Get Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman curves

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    Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza is the woman that A-list actresses go to when they need to slim down for a role. Find out how she...
  8. Movies

    Despite superhero summer, movie attendance is down

    Despite some box office smashes, fewer people went to the movies this summer. The Colorado shooting affected ticket sales, but was...
  9. Movies

    The Possession takes No. 1 spot on weak box office Labor Day

    Sam Raimi's horror film The Possession kills off the competition on a slow Labor Day weekend that ends blockbuster season for 2012.
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Snooki gives birth: 5 Reasons we're glad summer is ending

    Even if you're a summer junkie, a part of you is glad summer is winding down. The intense heat gets old, but it’s not nearly as...
  11. Movies

    Expendables 2 shoots to the top with box office No. 1

    The Expendables 2 shot to the top of the charts this week with a box office No. 1 thanks to Arnold, Chuck, Bruce, Sly and — of...
  12. Movies

    Bourne Legacy throws out Dark Knight Rises for box office No. 1

    The Bourne Legacy struck gold with audience members this weekend ranking number one at the box office when the newest edition to the...
  13. Movies

    The Dark Knight Rises three-peats first place at box office

    Christopher Nolan’s farewell to his dark and brooding Batman trilogy proves a success with fans as The Dark Knight Rises took the...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    MTV star claims alleged Aurora shooter called him

    The Pimp My Ride star said he received a couple phone calls from a man asking about the guns in his Batman movie.
  15. Movies

    Julie Newmar gets a bit catty about Dark Knight Rises

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    Julie Newmar doesn't think The Dark Knight Rises is anything worth bragging about. The original Catwoman calls it as she sees it --...
  16. Entertainment

    Do you live next door to a James Holmes?

    Now formally charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder, James Holmes faces a severe sentence....
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Hooker shares secrets of Dark Knight killer

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    A prostitute shared her creepy experience with the alleged Dark Knight Rises killer on the same day he is formally charged with...
  18. Movies

    The Dark Knight Rises nabs box office No. 1 again

    Despite fears there might be a repeat of last week’s shooting, The Dark Knight Rises nabs the number one spot with a promising...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Dane Cook's Dark Knight jokes: Can you handle his humor?

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    Dane Cook's jokes about The Dark Knight Rises massacre are being labeled as despicable by most, but some insist that if you can't...
  20. Movies

    Gangster Squad to re-shoot movie theater scene

    After the tragic shooting at a Colorado movie theater, The Dark Knight Rises' studio has decided to change the story for their...