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    Hart of Dixie preview: "Faith and Infidelity"

    Zoe stumbles upon some interesting information on Hart of Dixie this week, causing quite the commotion in Bluebell.
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    Supermodel Coco Rocha beats up ANTM contestants

    Coco Rocha teaches the ATNM ladies how to fight like a model.
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Wake"

    The mysterious Jake shows up on The Secret Circle this week and not everyone is happy to see him.
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    90210 preview: "Benefit of the Doubt"

    Kellie Pickler guest stars on an all-new episode of 90210 this week and she's got some competition in Annalynne McCord's...
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    Ringer preview: "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday"

    Ringer added another element of surprise with Gemma's murder last week. This week, someone has blood on their hands -- but who?
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    Hart of Dixie preview: "In Havoc and In Heat"

    Things are getting a little hot on Hart of Dixie this week with the all new episode "In Havoc and In Heat."
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    Gossip Girl preview: "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan"

    Dan makes a big decision on this week's new episode of Gossip Girl .
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    Kellie Pickler has a “tough” role on 90210

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    We know Kellie Pickler can sing – but can she act? Check out this sneak peek of the country singer on an upcoming 90210 episode.
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    Netflix teams up with the CW to stream shows

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    Wish you could catch up on some of your favorite shows, including Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries? You’re in luck!
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Slither"

    The Secret Circle tests Cassie's loyalty towards family and friends this week, as the Circle faces another dark entity that...
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    The CW announces full season orders of The Secret Circle , Ringer and Hart of Dixie

    Full season orders for three of The CW's new shows is fantastic news. Are you ready for more Hart of Dixie , Ringer and The...
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    Ringer preview: "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch"

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    Ringer meets a whole new kind of bitch this week! No, seriously, that's the title of the episode!
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    90210 preview: "Party Politics"

    90210 gets political this week!
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    Gossip Girl preview: "The Jewel Of Denial"

    Gossip Girl continues with "The Jewel Of Denial" this week.
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    Hart of Dixie preview: "Gumbo And Glory"

    Zoe continues to struggle with fitting in on this week's new episode of Hart of Dixie .
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    The Vampire Diaries : Alice Evans to play Original mother

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    Three Originals later and we finally get another piece of The Vampire Diaries' craziest family. Meet mama Original, played by...
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    The Vampire Diaries recap: Damon's snapping necks and biting a Forbes!

    The behavior of our favorite supernatural beings got, well, disturbing this week on The Vampire Diaries , making the title...
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Heather"

    The magic continues this week on The Secret Circle , as the witches battle over whether they should use their magic to help someone...
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    The Vampire Diaries preview: "Disturbing Behavior"

    Three episodes into season three of The Vampire Diaries , and we've just begun to scratch the surface of the Original family. Are...
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    90210 preview: "Let The Games Begin"

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    Greek Games and Naomi's revenge -- 90210 is going to get interesting this week.