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    Hulu Plus acquires rights to The Cosby Show and more!

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    Hulu Plus just got a lot more TV titles, so prepare your comfy couch for a marathon!
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    Ringer preview: "Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna"

    Is Malcolm catching on to Charlie's act? Read on to see a preview of this week's Ringer .
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    Gossip Girl preview: "The Big Sleep No More"

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    Gossip Girl takes in the theater this week.
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Balcoin"

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    The Secret Circle is set to bewitch us one last time until 2012.
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    90210 preview: "Vegas, Maybe?"

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    The CW is really rolling out the welcome mat for the guest stars on 90210 this week. Read on to see which country superstar and...
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    Hart of Dixie preview: "The Undead and The Unsaid"

    Is Zoe Hart seeing ghosts on this week's episode of Hart of Dixie ? Read on to find out.
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    Ringer's Gemma gets a dad: CW casts Gregory Harrison

    Gemma is missing on Ringer , so who better to bring on the scene than her dear old dad?
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Beneath"

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    Games and Grandma are the focus of this week's episode of The Secret Circle .
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    The Vampire Diaries : "Ordinary People"

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    The time has come for The Vampire Diaries to begin unveiling their November sweeps episodes. This week, we begin with a tale that...
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    CW reveals One Tree Hill final season premiere date and 2012 lineup

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    The CW announced its 2012 lineup, which includes the final season of One Tree Hill and the post-holiday return date of The...
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    Ringer preview: "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?"

    The twin secret gets let out of the bag this week on Ringer !
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    90210 preview: "It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark"

    Grab a mask and settle in for a little masquerade party on 90210 this week.
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    The Vampire Diaries recap: The physical return of Mason, Grams, Lexi and Anna

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    The Night of Illumination brought out characters from Mystic Falls' past on The Vampire Diaries this week. Read on to see which...
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    The CW teases November sweeps for The Vampire Diaries , Ringer and more!

    November is upon us, which means one thing -- sweeps! The CW released a few teases to get us in the mood, and if you're dying to...
  15. Television

    The Secret Circle preview: "Masked"

    The mysterious Jake popped up in Chance Harbor last week on The Secret Circle and not everyone was happy about it. What is Faye's...
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    Hart of Dixie preview: "Faith and Infidelity"

    Zoe stumbles upon some interesting information on Hart of Dixie this week, causing quite the commotion in Bluebell.
  17. Television

    Supermodel Coco Rocha beats up ANTM contestants

    Coco Rocha teaches the ATNM ladies how to fight like a model.
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Wake"

    The mysterious Jake shows up on The Secret Circle this week and not everyone is happy to see him.
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    90210 preview: "Benefit of the Doubt"

    Kellie Pickler guest stars on an all-new episode of 90210 this week and she's got some competition in Annalynne McCord's...
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    Ringer preview: "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday"

    Ringer added another element of surprise with Gemma's murder last week. This week, someone has blood on their hands -- but who?