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  1. Television

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other new TV shows this fall

    With an abundance of exciting new shows premiering this fall, we look forward to plenty of cozy nights snuggled up on the sofa with...
  2. Television

    Reign EP talks breaking away from history

    Which is more important: Historical accuracy or sexiness? That depends on who you ask! On Reign , you'll get plenty of sexiness.
  3. Television

    The CW announces their fall 2013 line-up

    We're only a few days into the official summer season, but The CW just announced their fall line-up. It looks pretty good.
  4. Television

    Star-Crossed connects two lovers from across the galaxy

    Will these modern-day lovers meet the same fate as Romeo and his girl?
  5. Television

    The CW makes it Reign

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    This one's for you, lady history buffs.
  6. Television

    The 100 : Sneak peek at The CW's new drama

    The CW's The 100 comes to the network next season. Check out a sneak peek and clip from the new series.
  7. Television

    Arrow recap: Another vigilante comes to Starling City

    Oliver goes after another name on his list only to find that someone has beaten him to it. But this vigilante has different ideas of...
  8. Television

    The Vampire Diaries recap: "Because the Night"

    Wild child Elena dyes her hair pink while Damon hunts for the cure in New York. Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Silas are becoming...
  9. Television

    Arrow recap: Oliver faces The Huntress again

    In the midst of opening his new club, Oliver's old flame Helena (aka The Huntress) returns to wreak havoc on him and his family.
  10. Television

    Exclusive interview: DJ Steve Aoki talks guest role on Arrow

    The CW's hit series Arrow continues its gripping first season on Wednesday, March 20, with "The Huntress Returns". In the episode,...
  11. Television

    Justin Timberlake takes to The CW

    Hide yo kids! Hide yo ovaries! Justin Timberlake is all over TV. It's too much sexy to handle!
  12. Movies & Reviews

    Veronica Mars movie hopefuls donate jaw-dropping amounts

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    Veronica Mars fans want a movie to be made so badly they're willing to plunk down cash in advance! In a record-breaking fundraising...
  13. Television

    The Vampire Diaries sneak peek: "Bring It On"

    Now that Elena's burned down her house, expect her to be sporting a new wardrobe in this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries ,...
  14. Television

    The CW's Cult lacks a following, moves to Fridays

    The CW has a Cult that no one wants to follow. The midseason drama is struggling in the ratings and has been bumped from its...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Jaime King talks Hart of Dixie style & Sin City 2 scenes

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    Celebrity trendsetter Jaime King chats with SheKnows about her tips for looking fabulous while filming Hart of Dixie and Sin City 2.
  16. Television

    Beauty and the Beast recap: Pick a winner

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    Cat moves on and Vincent finally makes up his mind. (Sort of.)
  17. Television

    Spoiler alert! A new boy toy on The Carrie Diaries

    Carrie Bradshaw's revolving door of boys is starting early. There's a new kid in town... except he's not so new. We've scoured the...
  18. Television

    The Carrie Diaries recap: Read before use

    In this episode, Carrie gets two eyefuls. One makes her reconsider her crush and the other makes her blush.
  19. Television

    CW orders up 4 cool new shows

    Human/alien love, post-apocalyptic survival and the Stuarts... The CW has ordered up some awesome shows for our viewing pleasure.
  20. Television

    The Carrie Diaries recap: Sex, lies and somewhat good intentions

    Carrie lies her way through a new episode of The Carrie Diaries . But does it all work out in the end?