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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert in a battle of names

    Hillary Clinton made an appearance on The Colbert Report Tuesday night, and surprised everyone — including Stephen Colbert....
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    #CancelColbert backlash over The Colbert Report 's racist tweet

    The Colbert Report gets #CancelColbert backlash for the show's racial tweet, which was apparently taken out of context.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Stephen Colbert marries couple affected by gov't shutdown

    Stephen Colbert is an ordained minister, and he decided to help a couple who were forced to delay their wedding due to the...
  4. Television

    Stephen Colbert breaks Stewart's Emmys winning streak

    It's a miracle! The Colbert Report finally beats out The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for the Emmy.
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Stephen Colbert's touching tribute to his mom

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    Stephen Colbert put aside the jokes yesterday to make a touching tribute to his mother.
  6. Television

    Stephen Colbert to run " Hobbit -themed" week of shows

    Stephen Colbert may be the most high-profile Hobbit fan there is (or at least the most famous one willing to admit it), and he is...
  7. Movies

    Stephen Colbert hints at The Hobbit cameo

    The actor is a big fan of the story and has hinted he may be appearing in the movies after visiting the set to watch filming.
  8. Television

    Colbert intends to choose Romney's running mate

    Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of the new generation. But when you mix wikipedia, a presidential nominee and Stephen Colbert,...
  9. Television

    Stewart, Colbert renew contracts with Comedy Central

    Both hosts have renewed their contracts showing they want to stay with Comedy Central long-term.
  10. Entertainment

    Stephen Colbert gets his own language

    The Colbert Report host commonly makes up words, but some researchers have turned his technique into a whole language.
  11. Television

    Stephen Colbert talks about his "tough as nails" mom

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    Stephen Colbert returned to The Colbert Report with a nod to his mother, Lorna Colbert. Find out how he honored his mother on the...
  12. Television

    Long live writers! TV's best shine at Writers Guild Awards

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    Homeland , Modern Family , Breaking Bad , oh my! See how your favorite small screen shows did at the Writers Guild Awards!
  13. Television

    Where in the world is Stephen Colbert?

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    Stephen Colbert was mysteriously missing from the taping of The Colbert Report on Feb. 15. Find out the reason behind the sudden...
  14. Television

    Stephen Colbert makes SC his primary joke

    Stephen Colbert has made South Carolina an offer they can't refuse -- except they did, but he's not taking no for an answer.
  15. Television

    Is Stephen Colbert setting up a presidential bid?

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    Is Stephen Colbert setting up a presidential bid? Not exactly -- but he just took a huge step towards helping Americans decide who...
  16. Television

    Jon Stewart announces 'Rally to Restore Sanity'

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    Jon Stewart rally announced for October 30 in Washington D.C. as a way for level-headed Americans to protest.