the change-up

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    Planet of the Apes rises to top of box office

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes battled comedy juggernauts Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up while fighting off...
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    The Change-Up review: Yay or nay?

    Jason Bateman shows all – well practically -- in the new R-rated raunch com, The Change-Up, which also stars Ryan Reynolds, who may...
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    Leslie Mann: I had to breastfeed someone else's babies!

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    Leslie Mann, who plays wife to Jason Bateman (and at times Ryan Reynolds inside Jason Bateman -- try to keep that straight) in the...
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    Olivia Wilde: The best dates end at dawn

    She’s got the body, and it comes with the brains. The hot-on-small-screen House star Olivia Wilde hits the silver screen this summer...
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    Ryan Reynolds plowed down by drunk driver

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    Much of the world was almost without the pleasure of knowing Ryan Reynolds. Hear the actor's chilling tale of an encounter with a...
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    Jason Bateman is naked, Ryan Reynolds is hot in The Change-Up

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    Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman talk to SheKnows about awkward sex scenes, spankings and Olivia Wilde's filthy mouth. Oh, and that...
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    Olivia Wilde: 'I got to approve my own nipples!'

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    Olivia Wilde's nipples have caused quite the commotion on the set of the upcoming film The Change-Up . Here the actress details...