the bling ring

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    Paris Hilton's house robbed... again!

    Paris Hilton's home was targeted by thieves again over the weekend. Luckily, they didn't get very far with the loot.
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    The Bling Ring movie review: Fame, cocaine and Louboutins

    Using Google Maps, TMZ and Facebook, several San Fernando Valley teens managed to heist nearly $3 million worth of clothing, jewelry...
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    Emma Watson goes too far in Bling Ring featurette

    What would posses a group of teens to rob their favorite celebrities? Find out in this behind-the-scenes featurette from The Bling...
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    The Bling Ring : Trailer, cast and more

    The Bling Ring is all about materialism and fame. Oscar-winner Sofia Coppola takes us on a ride with this unconventional Hollywood...
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    Emma Watson rocks multiple looks for Bling Ring at Cannes

    Emma Watson has fun with fashion as she promotes her new film The Bling Ring at the Cannes film festival.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Paris Hilton speaks up about The Bling Ring

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    Paris Hilton finally talks about being a victim of The Bling Ring back in 2009. Now, she's supporting Sofia Coppola's new film about...
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    The Bling Ring trailer debuts

    Girls gone wild has taken on a whole new meaning!
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    New teaser poster for The Bling Ring

    Who knew an image of posh sunglasses over a white backdrop could be so artful?
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    The Bling Ring : Inside the minds of Hollywood-obsessed teens

    Find out what it's like to live like a celebrity even if it means breaking the law in The Bling Ring, out in limited release on June...
  10. Movies

    Emma Watson vamps it up in The Bling Ring

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    Emma Watson shows audiences a new side to her acting range as she vamps it up in the trailer for the upcoming film The Bling Ring .