the black keys

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    VIDEO: Say 'amen' for The Black Keys' "Fever"

    Glory, glory hallelujah! The Black Keys have released the official video for "Fever" and it's knocked us straight off our pews.
  2. Music

    The Black Keys get pessimistic on "Turn Blue"

    We're still a month out from The Black Keys' new album, Turn Blue . The band released the album's namesake today, though. The...
  3. Music

    The Black Keys release "Fever" ahead of new album Turn Blue

    The Black Keys are back, and they've brought a touch of psychedelia with them. We approve.
  4. Entertainment

    Justin Bieber tweets Black Keys drummer "should be slapped"

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    The Grammys always brings out the best in people, don't they?
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    Vindicated: Grammy surprises that weren't so surprising

    When Gotye beat out Taylor Swift for Record of the Year, were you shocked or stoked? This year's Grammy awards were full of...
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    Grammy nominees: A faint glimmer of hope on the horizon?

    Commercial music is loved by millions. But a music fan can start to feel alienated by the madness that surrounds the Justin Biebers...
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    The Black Keys' Nickelback apology hits hard

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    The Black Keys are doing little to smooth things over with Nickelback. If you have to point out you're giving "the worst apology"...
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    Bonnaroo Music Festival gets Eminem and Arcade Fire

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    The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary with some of the hottest acts in music, including Eminem,...