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    Iron Man 3 and Thor:The Dark World 3D plots

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    Loki couldn't keep them down, but that won't stop the world of super villains from trying to defeat Iron Man and Thor in 2013. The...
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    Top 5 DVDs: The Avengers are in the house

    SheKnows' top five DVD picks for the weekend include everyone’s favorite action superhero film of the year, The Avengers. Hooray!
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    Despite superhero summer, movie attendance is down

    Despite some box office smashes, fewer people went to the movies this summer. The Colorado shooting affected ticket sales, but was...
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    The Avengers 2 is officially on! Sequel date revealed

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    The Avengers 2 is officially a go! Rejoice and practice your patience, comic book fans, more Marvel/Disney magic is headed to...
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    Confirmed! Joss Whedon says yes to Avengers 2

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    Joss Whedon and Marvel have unfinished business. The writer and directer behind their mega-hit The Avengers, is back for round two....
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    Scarlett Johansson to get record-breaking paycheck

    After the first movie became the third highest-grossing movie of all time, Disney is ready to do whatever they can for Avengers 2.
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    What I'm loving this week: 5 Superhero graphic tees for boys

    With the Avengers being a smash hit in the theaters right now, boys everywhere are looking for superhero gear! Here are five of my...
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    The Avengers set to pass the $600 million mark today

    After less than two months in theaters, The Avengers is set to become only the third film in history to pass $600 million domestically.
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    Move over Avengers ! A Justice League movie is coming

    The Justice League of America is coming to a theater near you. After years of waiting, Warner Bros. finally has hired a writer for...
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    Men in Black III takes out Avengers streak

    The third installation in the lucrative sci-fi espionage franchise, Men in Black III, proves audiences like black suits over tights...
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    Avengers sinks Battleship to nab third week at No. 1

    The unstoppable superhero movie The Avengers destroys Battleship’s chances at number one by earning more than $55 million again this...
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    Cartoon: What are The Avengers avenging, exactly?

    The Avengers has jet-packed its way to the top of the box office. So why the hype? Our cartoonist weighs in.
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    Avengers wipes out Dark Shadows with $1 billion at box office

    The Avengers, the super hero movie with the gorgeous cast, has much to celebrate this weekend with its box office returns reaching...
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    Superhero takeover: The Avengers sequel on the way

    Disney and Marvel Studios have their eyes on the prize. And right now, that prize is The Avengers. The blockbuster is breaking...
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    Avengers steals $200 million record at box office

    In an unprecedented $200 million opening weekend for the new action hero ensemble that has everyone from Scarlett Johansson to...
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    The Avengers : Future box office record breaker?

    It's been four years in the making but The Avengers is finally here. The superhero movie is expected to dominate the weekend by...
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    Movie review: The Avengers

    What's it like to go on a super hero holiday with your favorite comic-book icons? A lot like going to see The Avengers in 3-D, I'll...
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    SheKnows interviews The Avengers ' Chris Hemsworth

    As the star of both The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers , Chris Hemsworth is poised to become one of the biggest names of the...
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    SheKnows interviews The Avengers ' Cobie Smulders

    Star of the CBS half-hour hit, How I Met Your Mother , Cobie Smulders sat down with SheKnows to discuss her role in one of the most...
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    Get the look: Cobie Smulders' makeup

    Super excited to see The Avengers? Yep, we thought so! Well, we were pretty excited to check out the celeb beauty at the movie's...