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    The Americans Season 2 premiere review

    Our favorite Russian spies are back together and better than ever! But when an attack hits closer to home, the couple has to decide...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Keri Russell dating her co-star Matthew Rhys?

    Keri Russell sure knows how to end a year with a bang. Her personal life is under the microscope after separating from her husband.
  3. Television

    Hey, comrades! Befriend The Americans before their return

    The Americans returns in February. You have plenty of time for a first viewing or to take a refresher course before all the action...
  4. Television

    2013 TCA Awards reveal nominations

    The TCA Awards are upon us. Later this summer, television critics will honor the best TV has to offer. It's been a great year, and...
  5. Television

    The Americans recap: COMINT

    What the hell just happened?
  6. Television

    And it's good! The Americans scores a second season

    FX loves the Russians. The cable network has announced that The Americans is sticking around. The spy drama, which takes place in...
  7. Television

    The Americans recap: Love on the rocks

    The Russians have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.
  8. Television

    The Americans recap: Sex, lies and poison

    Forget blood and guts. FX's new spy drama is all about two very important things: love and distrust.
  9. Television

    The Americans sneak peek: Our fave Russkies are in hot water

    The Russians next door are taking things to the next level. Are you ready to see what they'll do next for their country?