1. Thanksgiving

    10 Ways to instantly boost your confidence

    Everyone wants to feel their best during Thanksgiving, but it's no secret the holidays can be a stressful time. If your self-esteem...
  2. Thanksgiving

    Hosting Thanksgiving: 10 Reasons why you've got this!

    Nerves shot over hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year? Take a step back and a deep breath, because there is nothing you can't...
  3. Thanksgiving

    Tricks to stay cool, calm and collected this Thanksgiving

    Do you pig out or freak out on Thanksgiving? Holidays can be so stressful, especially when you throw in families that might not get...
  4. Thanksgiving

    15 Reasons to be confident this Thanksgiving

    Between dodging questions about your love life and trying to plate food portions that won't have you looking like a float in Macy's...
  5. Thanksgiving

    Beauty products to boost your confidence

    Keep your mind on dinner and entertaining when you use these beauty products to boost your confidence on Thanksgiving Day.
  6. Thanksgiving

    5 Secrets of stress-free Thanksgiving celebrations

    Use these holiday entertaining tips to get your turkey to the table without sacrificing the time and energy to celebrate the spirit...
  7. Thanksgiving

    The no-stress Thanksgiving Day timeline

    Hosting Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to be stressful. Just follow this timeline and your day will be a breeze. There are even...
  8. K-12

    How to handle food allergies during the holidays

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    Thanksgiving is all about family and food. For parents of children with food allergies, however, homemade meals and goodies prepared...
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    A savvy girl's guide to a gluten-free Thanksgiving

    If a guest at your Thanksgiving dinner party is gluten-free, you might be tempted to throw in the proverbial towel and get it...
  10. Parenting

    Surviving Thanksgiving with a dysfunctional family

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    What do you think about when someone mentions Thanksgiving? Maybe it's the smell of warm, roasted turkey and homemade pumpkin pie...
  11. Family Fun

    Thanksgiving place holders kids can make

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    Make sure each member of the family has their own special place at the table. Kids will love making these place holders for...
  12. Dessert Recipes

    Caramel apple pie-filled pecan cupcakes

    Craving both pecan and apple pie? Forget eating a slice of each and grab one of these super-decadent, fluffy and sweet cupcakes...
  13. Diet

    Healthy recipe: Mashed sweet potatoes with coconut candied walnuts

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    The holidays are here, and for many that can mean healthy habits start to fade. Let's not forget that the Thanksgiving meal is...
  14. Makeup

    Thanksgiving-inspired beauty products

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    Turkey Day isn't just about the food! Here are our top Thanksgiving-inspired beauty products for fall and beyond that will make you...
  15. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Butternut squash croquettes

    Sweet butternut squash and lots of sweet fall spices. This is a fun new twist to a classic potato dish.
  16. Home

    Steal the look: Thanksgiving table edition

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    Looking for a new way to decorate your Thanksgiving table this year? Look no further than these bloggers' hot tablescapes! Unique,...
  17. Family Fun

    Thanksgiving family tree centerpiece

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    Thanksgiving is about more than just food and football. Remember to celebrate your family this holiday season with a simple and...
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    Lightened up Southern Thanksgiving menu

    There's no arguing Southern food is delicious, but there's always plenty of butter and sugar to thank for that signature taste....
  19. Thanksgiving

    How Hollywood celebrates the holidays

    Think that celebrities go over the top when celebrating the holidays? Think again! Per their Pinterest boards, celebs are just like...
  20. Finance

    Easy ways to spend less in November

    It’s November! Time to get ready for Thanksgiving, finalize your holiday travel itinerary and finish (or start…) Christmas shopping....