1. Family Activities

    Family-friendly hotels in Texas

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    When planning a family vacation, you need to find accommodations that aren't just pleasing to the adults, but also kid-friendly. We...
  2. Family Activities

    Enjoy nature with kids in Texas

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    Experience the great outdoors with your family at these family-friendly parks and other destinations.
  3. Family Activities

    Guide to Texas sports teams

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    Kids and families enjoy watching their favorite sports teams play. Texas is home to a number of professional sports franchises. Look...
  4. Family Activities

    Where kids eat free in Texas

    Eating out can get expensive for families. Fortunately, a number of restaurants allow kids to eat free. Texas visitors and residents...
  5. Family Activities

    Family activities in Dallas

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    Dallas/Fort Worth offers a great range of all-day activities that are family-friendly and that your kids will enjoy experiencing...
  6. Family Activities

    Zoos & aquariums in Dallas

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    Children love to visit the animals at zoos and aquariums and Dallas/Fort Worth has the biggest collection of both! From large...
  7. Family Activities

    Best Dallas parks for families

    Local parks in Dallas/Fort Worth provide hours of enjoyment for your kids and you! Multiple playgrounds to romp around in, rivers...
  8. Family Activities

    Best Dallas museums for families

    Museums are a great place to learn about the past present and future. Dallas/Fort Worth has a wide range of different museums and...
  9. Family Activities

    Houston festivals and events

    Creating your own family traditions is a lot of fun. Annual outings are a great way to connect with your kids, enjoy something a...
  10. Family Activities

    Favorite local parks in Houston

    Sometimes, you just want to spend a day at the park. Houston can accommodate you, no matter what you're looking for.
  11. Family Activities

    Houston zoos & aquariums

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    Like any big city, Houston is home to a number of zoos and aquariums. Whether you want to wander around and peek at exhibits or get...
  12. Family Activities

    Family activities in Houston

    Houston is home to a wide variety of family-friendly activities. Whether you have toddlers or teens, they'll find something to enjoy...
  13. Family Activities

    Free Houston activities for families

    Even though it's the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston still has a small-town feel to it, partly because of the...
  14. Family Activities

    Family-friendly attractions in Texas

    When in Texas, don't miss the fantastic theme parks, water parks and other family-friendly attractions.
  15. Family Activities

    Free San Antonio kids' activities

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    You don't have to spend big bucks to have fun in San Antonio. These activities for kids and families are free!
  16. Family Activities

    San Antonio zoos & aquariums

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    Be sure to check out these San Antonio zoos and aquariums. They are fun for adults and kids of all ages!
  17. Family Activities

    Dangers of sun burn

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    Summertime means shorts, sandals, bikinis and sunbathing. It also commonly means overexposure to the sun and a resulting sunburn....
  18. Family Activities

    Valley fever

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    Valley fever is caused by a fungus that thrives in the soils of the desert areas of southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada,...