1. Cooking & Entertaining

    Best shows for foodies

    These shows aren't for amateurs! We've rounded up the best shows on television for foodies like us!
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    Worst food competition show contestants ever

    Reality TV stars can be a breed unto themselves, but somehow they seem to get worse when those reality TV participants are cooks and...
  3. Television

    Top 10 Educational shows for your kids

    The top 10 educational shows you won't feel bad about your kid watching this fall. They'll teach your children skills from reading...
  4. Television

    Eek! 9 Quick Halloween costumes for TV geeks

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    Our love of entertainment inspires a lot of Halloween costumes, and television is no different. With these ideas, you don't have to...
  5. Television

    How modern is your family?

    ABC’s Modern Family really lives up to its name. The show, while a comedy, has brought many modern family issues to the forefront....
  6. Entertainment

    10 Shows we never thought would end

    Few things are as shocking as when long-running TV shows comes to an end. After all, they’ve been around for several years...
  7. Television

    10 TV show reunions we’d love to see

    When you become obsessed with a TV show, that family becomes your family. You get caught up in their affairs, gossip and...
  8. Television

    TV's all-time coolest parents

    Parents can be a drag — but not these moms and dads. Here are 20 of TV's all-time coolest parents who we would love to have as moms...
  9. Television

    Cutest small-screen couples

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    Do you have a favorite couple on the small screen? Thanks to syndication, we're able to relive some of our favorite TV couple...
  10. Parenting

    6 Fictional role models for teen girls

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    While young women should ideally turn to real people when it comes to role models, it’s inevitable that most tweens and teens are...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Best shows to catch on Girls’ Night

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    Instead of going out for Girls' Night, settle in, pour the wine, put on a good show and get lost in some of the most exciting series...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    9 Movie actors turned TV stars

    More often than not, it’s small screen actors that aim to make the leap from television to movies. However, some incredible movie...
  13. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Too much television affects kindergarten success

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    Can too much screen time really translate into poor school performance? According to a new study, every hour over the recommended...
  14. Television

    J.J. Abrams' mysterious new teaser-trailer Stranger

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    The internet is buzzing with speculation about J.J. Abrams' new teaser-trailer that was just released without any info on what it's...
  15. Entertainment

    Meet the women behind Surviving Evil

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    How would you react if you were abducted, attacked or abused? How would you stare death in the face? These are the stories that are...
  16. Entertainment

    Ellen DeGeneres set to host the 2014 Oscars

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    The news came as a surprise on Friday, but Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting the 2014 Oscars. This will be the second time she helms...
  17. Family Fun

    10 Kids' TV shows that moms love too

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    Tired of cringing through your kids' TV time? Here are 10 shows moms like to watch almost as much as their kids!
  18. Television

    Live from TV Land: Hot in Cleveland gets the laughs

    Can't get enough Betty White? Tune in as television's queen of comedy returns for a fifth season of the hilarious hit comedy Hot in...
  19. Television

    Uncle Jesse-isms we'll never forget

    John Stamos may not have won an Emmy for his role as Uncle Jesse on the television show Full House, but he sure had some great lines...
  20. Television

    Necessary Roughness : What you need to know

    With the premiere of everyone's favorite football show right around the corner, we take a look at all the juicy drama yet to come on...