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    Survivor winner John Cochran to write for The Millers

    Survivor 's John Cochran has some big plans now that he's won the show: He's going to work!
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    Perception : Why he'll get in your head this season

    Are you ready for Season 2 of Perception ? Dr. Pierce will get in your head this season even more than in the first!
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    Series preview: Need-to-know facts about King & Maxwell

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    Television crime dramas told from the law enforcement perspective are a dime a dozen, but that doesn't mean it's a tired genre....
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    Back for Season 4: Get caught up on Rizzoli & Isles

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    If you're fascinated by your own mortality and intrigued by sadistic characters, you're not a weirdo — you’re a Rizzoli & Isles...
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    Major drama on Major Crimes : The inside scoop

    Following an intense and critically acclaimed first season, Capt. Sharon Raydor (played by Mary McDonnell) is about to embark on...
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    Law & Order: SVU 's Mariska Hargitay will return

    Law and Order: SVU viewers can breathe a huge sigh of relief this weekend. Det. Benson will be back!
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    Criminal Minds finale: What's in store?

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    TVFanatic recently chatted with Joe Mantegna, the guy behind Criminal Minds ' Agent Rossi, about the finale. They've agreed to let...
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    Will he or won't he? Steve Carell and The Office finale

    Sources say Steve Carell will return for The Office series finale.
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    HBO's Veep renewed for Season 3

    In a perfect world, Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be vice president. Would she be as hysterically awkward as her character Selina Meyer?
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    Hemlock Grove recap: Season 1 is worth the watch

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    The new Netflix series answers several of its own questions while also asking many more for a possible second season.
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    Fox renews Glee and a few more

    Gleeks everywhere rejoice. Fox has renewed Glee for two more seasons. Plus, some other faves will return as well!
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    Hemlock Grove recap: An intriguing beginning

    Netflix's new series begins with an episode full of mystery, monsters and mothers.
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    IFC orders up new season full of girl power

    Garfunkel and Oates plus Two Idiots lead the way in awesome shows planned for IFC's future.
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    Hannibal : Sneak peek at the premiere episode "Aperitif"

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    Feast your eyes on the first course of the reinvented Hannibal , premiering April 4.
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    Martin Scorsese adapting Gangs of New York for TV

    The epic film earned 10 Oscar nominations and millions of fans everywhere. It looks like 11 years later it will have a place on the...
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    Tina Fey visits Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio

    Tina Fey's Sarah Palin believes people are either "mavericks or not mavericks." That seems like sound logic.
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    The Sing-Off renewed for fourth season!

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    Meet Pentatonix... and prepare for another round of The Sing-Off!
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    Director Ang Lee makes his next move: FX's Tyrant

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    Oscar-winner for Best Director Ang Lee is making a bold move to television. He's set to direct the pilot for FX's new Middle Eastern...
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    Former model-turned-senior-citizen sues Mad Men

    What? Don Draper doesn't have time for this stuff!
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    Revolution 's Charlie VS. Neville: War of the (ideal) worlds

    Whose world would you want to live in?