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    Is Parenthood 's Amber seeking answers from her father?

    Another familiar face, and one of Sarah's exes, will be returning to Parenthood for a short stint. We try to guess why.
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    NBC puts the bite on Dracula star's addiction problem

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    Taking a chance on Jonathan Rhys Meyers despite his addiction problem meant a conditional arrangement that included withholding his...
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    Parenthood brings back Jason Ritter

    Jason Ritter is bringing the character of Mark Cyr back to Parenthood , but will he run into Sarah or someone else in town?
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    Ed Asner and Brad Garrett visit The Crazy Ones

    The Crazy Ones finally introduces viewers to the third named partner of Simon and Sydney's firm when Brad Garrett assumes the role...
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    Is Dennis Haysbert getting set up on Trophy Wife?

    On the next all-new episode of Trophy Wife , Dennis Haysbert will pay a visit as a fellow chaperon on a school field trip and get...
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    Must hear: All the songs from Glee 's Monteith tribute

    Fox has released all of the songs slated for Glee 's tribute to the beloved Cory Monteith. Are you prepared for a tear fest?
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    Ay Carumba! The Simpsons to kill main character

    Bad news, Simpson fans: Someone you (possibly) love is about to die. Who's got the next plot at the Springfield cemetery?
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    The CW's fall premiere: Queens, vampires and more!

    The CW has found a successful niche in all things royally supernatural. Whether it's royal intrigue, bloodsucking creatures of the...
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    Are you ready for Glee tlemania? Listen to the tracks here!

    Glee is all set to return for Season 5 with two very special Beatles episodes. The album doesn't release until next week, but...
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    Scandal news: Lisa Kudrow & Scott Foley are steppin' up

    What's ahead for Season 3 of Scandal ? We'll tell you!
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    Arsenio Hall returns to late-night television

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    The late-night talk show field is about to become even more crowded with Arsenio Hall's big return to television. Watch out, David...
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    The Mindy Project news: Casey's return

    Mindy's love life is looking up!
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    Donald Glover reduces his Community role

    If Troy wanders off from the study group, can Abed still exist?
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    Scandal Season 3: What's up with Quinn?

    TVFanatic spoke to Scandal star Katie Lowes about what fans can expect from Quinn when the show returns next season. They've...
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    The Voice news: Usher unleashes "Twisted" on TV

    Last night on The Voice , Usher performed his new song, "Twisted." Beforehand, though, he spent the entire day Instagramming!
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    Doctor Who departure: Matt Smith is out, but who is in?

    Who fans everywhere are sobbing off their TARDIS blue mascara: Matt Smith is leaving the show. What will that look like? And who...
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    Writers Guild names 101 Best Written TV Series

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    The Writers Guild of America named the 101 Best Written TV Series of all time. The Sopranos landed at No. 1 while 17 shows still...
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    Survivor winner John Cochran to write for The Millers

    Survivor 's John Cochran has some big plans now that he's won the show: He's going to work!
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Perception : Why he'll get in your head this season

    Are you ready for Season 2 of Perception ? Dr. Pierce will get in your head this season even more than in the first!
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    Series preview: Need-to-know facts about King & Maxwell

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    Television crime dramas told from the law enforcement perspective are a dime a dozen, but that doesn't mean it's a tired genre....