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    Orphan Black Season 2 promises "paranoia and shenanigans"

    Orphan Black 's executive producers talk story lines, secrets and what makes them excited about Season 2.
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    Grey's Anatomy scoop: Two more regulars poised to exit

    Are Leah and Shane leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital at the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 10? It sounds like it.
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    Cancelled: No hope for Raising Hope

    Poor Hope ! After four seasons, Fox is pulling the plug.
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    Nanu Nanu! Mork and Mindy reunite on The Crazy Ones

    Guess who's coming to The Crazy Ones . Ready? It's only Mork's best buddy, Mindy!
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    Labyrinth sends Downton Abbey star farther back in time

    The CW has picked up an interesting four-hour event series titled Labyrinth , starring Downton Abbey 's Jessica Brown-Findlay and...
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    Starz's Outlander trailer: Claire Randall's fallen through time

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    The past week has been a gift to Outlander fans, what with all of the new information revealed about the Starz original series....
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    Pretty Little Liars preview: Look out! EzrA is in his cap again!

    On Jan. 14 it looks like the Liars are heading to Ezra's love nest in the wood on "Love ShAck, Baby," and they're not going to be...
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    Parks and Recreation 's 100th episode news and video

    Parks and Recreation will reach its 100th episode milestone on Thursday on Leslie's last day in office. Find out what might be in...
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    Dallas Season 3 promises love, lust and lots of drinking

    When Dallas returns on Feb. 24 be prepared for some good old-fashioned soap opera goodness, with a lot of ties back to the...
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    Be prepared: ABC is making changes to streaming availability

    Beginning Jan. 6, ABC is making it a little more difficult for you to stream your favorite shows the day after they air. Find out...
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    Teen Wolf sneak peek: Get ready to lose your mind

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    Teen Wolf Season 3B is right around the corner and if the preview is any indication, we can expect a sharper focus with mind...
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    Hey, comrades! Befriend The Americans before their return

    The Americans returns in February. You have plenty of time for a first viewing or to take a refresher course before all the action...
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    Trophy Wife scores Cybill Shepherd as Kate's mom

    Kate won't be surrounded by Pete's family anymore, because her mom is about to make an appearance on Trophy Wife .
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    2013's Best songs in commercials

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    There's more to commercials than selling a product. Sometimes, they also sell a song. In these 10 instances, it was definitely the...
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    Friday Night Lights creator says "probably not" to movie

    Boooooooooo! It sounds like the long-awaited Friday Night Lights follow-up may be nothing but a pipe dream — at least according to...
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    House of Cards Season 2 returns with even more sex, corruption

    Sex, corruption and politics blend together seamlessly in the Netflix original series House of Cards when it returns for its...
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    The Blacklist gets the green light for Season 2

    It's certainly not a surprise, but it is a relief to know that The Blacklist will continue to entertain us well into 2015.
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    Revolution rocks WTF factor when Bret Michaels performs

    What kind of music would they listen to in a post-apocalyptic U.S.? Rock 'n roll, of course!
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    Is Parenthood 's Amber seeking answers from her father?

    Another familiar face, and one of Sarah's exes, will be returning to Parenthood for a short stint. We try to guess why.
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    NBC puts the bite on Dracula star's addiction problem

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    Taking a chance on Jonathan Rhys Meyers despite his addiction problem meant a conditional arrangement that included withholding his...