1. K-12

    Is too much screen time having a negative impact on our children's development?

    New research suggests that young children are more likely to know how to operate a cellphone before knowing how to either ride a...
  2. K-12

    Screen time for kids may not be so bad after all

    Not all screen time is killing our kids' brain cells after all. Yay.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    INTERVIEWS: Red Band Society crew promises rivalries, hookups and soapy goodness

    Think Fox's new series, Red Band Society , is just about sick kids living in a hospital? Think again! SheKnows caught up with...
  4. Books

    Can't wait for 2014 fall TV? Kill time with these five books

    Can't handle the anticipation of the upcoming fall TV shows? Check out these books in the meantime to hold you over.
  5. Beauty

    Body painting like you've never seen it before

    If you've been to Vegas or searched random things on Google, you've probably seen people dressed only in body paint. We talked to...
  6. Television

    ABC's Q and A remote Australian broadcast priciest to date

    The ABC program Q&A is going to broadcast from a remote area in Australia, making it the most expensive international special for...
  7. Pets & Animals

    Pit Bulls and Parolees star opens up about second chances

    Tia Torres is one fierce lady who isn't afraid to challenge what you think you know about pit bulls, people who have been...
  8. Relationships

    Love quotes from The Wonder Years and what they remind us about relationships

    The Wonder Years is coming to DVD and with it come fond memories and some relationship wisdom too.
  9. Relationships

    Reality TV influences happy relationships, sitcoms poison them

    I used to have a friend who refused to watch romantic comedies.
  10. Television

    Lessons we learned on parenting from these six TV shows

    Parenting is not for the faint of heart, which is something television script writers know all too well. Here are a few real-life...
  11. Television

    25 Most honest quotes we’ve heard on TV

    No matter what you're going through, there's probably a quote from your favorite show that will coincide with the drama. And we...
  12. Television

    The most truly ridiculous names on television

    We've seen some crazy names for TV characters over the years. Here are our picks for the most ridiculous ones out there.
  13. Movies

    6 Shows we loved as kids that we want to see made into movies

    What shows did you grow up with? Did they end abruptly or fade away slowly? Even shows with a true, planned ending sometimes leave...
  14. Entertainment

    12 Best crime-solving books for wannabe detectives

    Summertime begs for a stack of mysteries and thrillers. Not sure where to start, gumshoe? Add these 12 crime-solving reads to your...
  15. Dating

    Why, 10 years later, I'd still date Ross Geller

    He loved dinosaurs, had a pet monkey and spent the first few seasons extremely whiny, but if you ask me, Ross Geller is the most...
  16. Television

    Our favorite quotes from TV's funniest women

    As we always suspected, our favorite TV funny women are wiser than just their wisecracks. Some have insight to offer about feminism...
  17. Television

    TV best friends we're totally in love with

    We’d like to think you have a best friend — someone to share life’s experiences with who is always willing to help a sister out. But...
  18. Television

    Ladies have taken over TV for all the right reasons

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    Once upon a time, TV shows used to revolve around the male characters (hello, Leave It to Beaver). But today we're tuned into some...
  19. Television

    6 Reasons we love strong women on TV

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    Who says the small screen is a boys' club? Strong female characters are dominating television more and more — and we just...
  20. Television

    The best tweets from TV's funniest ladies

    Twitter is often crowded with teenagers whining about their confiscated iPhones or celebrity meltdowns, but these funny ladies know...