1. Television

    Our favorite quotes from TV's funniest women

    As we always suspected, our favorite TV funny women are wiser than just their wisecracks. Some have insight to offer about feminism...
  2. Television

    TV best friends we're totally in love with

    We’d like to think you have a best friend — someone to share life’s experiences with who is always willing to help a sister out. But...
  3. Television

    Ladies have taken over TV for all the right reasons

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    Once upon a time, TV shows used to revolve around the male characters (hello, Leave it to Beaver). But today we're tuned into some...
  4. Television

    6 Reasons we love strong women on TV

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    Who says the small screen is a boys' club? Strong female characters are dominating television more and more — and we just can't get...
  5. Television

    The best tweets from TV's funniest ladies

    Twitter if often crowded with teenagers whining about their confiscated iPhones or celebrity meltdowns, but these funny ladies know...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Jillian Harris defends Juan and Nikki, not Bachelor franchise

    Jillian Harris has the inside scoop and she let it all out on her blog today, defending Juan Pablo Galavis and telling the world why...
  7. Television

    Those Who Kill review: Premiere doesn't exactly kill it

    Catherine Jensen is a tortured rookie detective looking to make peace with her past is a good enough concept, but will it stand up...
  8. Valentine's Day

    12 Reasons I'm spending Valentine's Day with Netflix

    This Valentine's Day, I'm going to bask in love... I'm going to curl up on the couch and get cozy with the ones I adore: my favorite...
  9. Manis, Pedis & More

    "Will you accept this rose" nail design

    Love to watch The Bachelor? So do we! Wear your heart on your fingers with our Bachelor-inspired nail design. It features a chic...
  10. Television

    Pretty Little Liars returns: 6 Shockers and other juicy stuff

    We're still reeling from the revelation that Alison is indeed alive and kicking, so we've been counting down the hours until...
  11. Activities for Kids

    The best new kids' shows of 2013

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    It's not every year that a show as excellent as The Backyardigans comes along, but 2013 brought families several great new shows....
  12. SheKnows TV

    Meet hostess Tara Hitchcock

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    Meet Tara Hitchcock, SheKnows' newest Ultimate Hostess.
  13. Television

    The Blacklist 's dangerous secret: Who's your daddy?

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    On the mid-season finale of The Blacklist , Liz finally asked the ultimate question of Red. Whether or not Red answered truthfully...
  14. Television

    25 TV issues we must agree on before getting married

    If we agree on what to watch, there's no need to fight for the remote. Where do you stand?
  15. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Best shows for foodies

    These shows aren’t for amateurs! We’ve rounded up the best shows on television for foodies like us!
  16. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    Worst food competition show contestants ever

    Reality TV stars can be a breed unto themselves, but somehow they seem to get worse when those reality TV participants are cooks and...
  17. Television

    Top 10 Educational shows for your kids

    The top 10 educational shows you won't feel bad about your kid watching this fall. They'll teach your children skills from reading...
  18. Television

    Eek! 9 Quick Halloween costumes for TV geeks

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    Our love of entertainment inspires a lot of Halloween costumes, and television is no different. With these ideas, you don't have to...
  19. Television

    How modern is your family?

    ABC’s Modern Family really lives up to its name. The show, while a comedy, has brought many modern family issues to the forefront....
  20. Entertainment

    10 Shows we never thought would end

    Few things are as shocking as when long-running TV shows comes to an end. After all, they’ve been around for several years...