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  1. Television

    Teen Wolf vs. Pretty Little Liars : Which show has the most dedicated fans?

    Two of summer's hottest shows have incredibly passionate fans. Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars — which fans are the most obsessed?
  2. Television

    Teen Wolf : The best Sterek fan fiction on the web

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    Derek and Stiles may be no closer to hooking up than they were in Season 1, but fans of the show have their own interpretation of...
  3. Television

    MTV sends Teen Wolf fans on a scavenger hunt

    Who is the benefactor? Teen Wolf fans spent 24 hours racing to find out.
  4. Television

    POLL: Which Teen Wolf death would most impact the show?

    On the latest episode of Teen Wolf , five characters were "marked," making us wonder if they might be paving the way for the death...
  5. Television

    VIDEO: Kira and Scott in love? Teen Wolf 's Arden Cho tells all

    Teen Wolf 's newest girl talks about the possibility of romance with Scott and her bravery at plunging in with the popular crowd in...
  6. Television

    Teen Wolf sneak peek: Get ready to lose your mind

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    Teen Wolf Season 3B is right around the corner and if the preview is any indication, we can expect a sharper focus with mind...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Sorry ladies, MTV's Teen Wolf star engaged

    Love is in the air for the star of MTV's Teen Wolf . He may be young, but Tyler Posey's getting hitched. The actor recently...
  8. Baby Names

    Baby names from popular teen shows

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    Looking for a modern name with a cool edge? Let a professional Hollywood writer pick one for you. We took a look at popular teen...
  9. Television

    Teen Wolf star targeted for Arrow 's sidekick

    Arrow is suffering from hottie overload. The CW hit has added another star to its attractive roster. Colton Haynes has been cast...
  10. Television

    Is this the real reason Colton Haynes is leaving Teen Wolf ?

    Sorry, Teen Wolf fans. It looks like resident hottie Colton Haynes won't be back for Season 3.
  11. Music

    Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes wants to kiss Rihanna

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    Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes would love to see Rihanna star on his hit MTV show. The big question: What role would she play?
  12. Fashion & Style

    Teen Wolf star, Holland Roden shares her style secrets

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    Were you obsessed with the '80s Michael J. Fox show Teen Wolf as much as we were? Well, the addictive show is back with a new season...
  13. Television

    Hot girls and guys dominate new Teen Wolf trailer

    The wolves are back and they're angrier than ever. It wouldn't be summer without a new season of MTV's Teen Wolf at our fingertips....
  14. Television

    Watch Jersey Shore's Snooki & Deena's Italy accident

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    The fourth season of Jersey Shore is coming -- are you ready?
  15. Television

    Why watch MTV's Teen Wolf?

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    MTV's Teen Wolf updates an '80s classic for the Twilight and Vampire Diaries generation with a delicious (and oft shirtless)...