teen fashion

  1. Beauty

    How to make sneakers look high fashion

    Sneakers are a must-have for back to school, but how do you rock them without looking like you're headed to gym class? It's all...
  2. Fashion & Style

    7 Totally functional fashion accessories

    When you head back to school this fall, give new meaning to "extra credit" by scooping up one of these functional fashion...
  3. Parenting

    Are prom dresses too sexy?

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    Prom season is here and your daughter can’t wait to find the perfect dress. Have you seen the latest in prom fashions? Some of...
  4. Fashion & Style

    Helping teens find their fashion sense

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    We all have one — that dreaded yearbook photo featuring braces, fluffy bangs, a bad perm and a tie-dye T-shirt. The teen...
  5. Fashion & Style

    Denim trends for teens

    Being a teen means embracing being young. Mixing colors and playing with shapes is all part of the game. But even young women have...
  6. K-12

    You're not leaving the house wearing that!

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    It seems like it’s been said since time began: “You’re not leaving the house wearing that!” Your mom said it...
  7. Parenting

    Prom 2012: Movie-inspired prom style

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    From Water for Elephants and Bridesmaids to Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games, the latest blockbuster movies can beautifully...
  8. Fashion & Style

    5 Black prom dresses

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    Choosing a black prom dress is a guarantee for an elegant, evening look.The simple style of the black dress allows you the leisure...
  9. Makeup

    Tween makeup: Sweet or slutty?

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    We all did it as little girls. You know, sneak into Mom's vanity drawer and gorge our faces with the delicious bounty of lipsticks...