technology trends

  1. Beauty

    Kate Bosworth launches iPhone app — it's the Shazam of fashion

    Kate Bosworth rode gnarly waves in Blue Crush and graced the pages of Vogue . Now the actress is venturing into the world of tech...
  2. Living

    Verizon offers rewards in exchange for customers' personal data

    The everyday data you generate on your smartphone is a goldmine for marketers. Even the tiniest, most mundane details about your...
  3. Living

    Sexy or competent? You can't be both on Facebook

    Are you smart or slutty? What your Facebook profile picture says about you.
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    3-D printers make food prep easy

    3-D food printers give new meaning to the words "printer jam." From ravioli to shapely snacks to cookies, 3-D printers are actually...
  5. Living

    Tech of tomorrow: Print your docs with this robot

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    The only drawback to a mobile office is the lack of a truly mobile printer… until now.
  6. Baby

    How Google is helping moms breastfeed

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    While breastfeeding has existed since the dawn of humanity, the space age technology of Google Glass is now providing 21st century...
  7. Tips & Advice

    Memo to the media: Stop saying mothers don't get tech

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    When we imply that mothers don't understand technology, we hurt not only moms but also our daughters.
  8. Sex

    How intimate would you get with your smartphone?

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    As if sending tweets from the toilet wasn't bad enough, smartphones are now weaseling their way into bedrooms everywhere — as our...
  9. Tips & Advice

    How technology has changed parenting

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    Can you imagine being a parent in the '50s? Before cell phones and tablets, before mommy blogs and Google? Neither can I. Things...
  10. Living

    Gadgets that help you sleep better

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    Is getting more rest on your list of resolutions this year? Get a head start with gadgets and apps that help you sleep better.
  11. Holidays & Seasons

    On trend: Tech gifts with sleek style

    If the tech nerd in your life is also a fashionista, give a stylish and high-tech gift this year.
  12. Living

    Step-by-step: De-clutter your smartphone

    If you've owned your phone for more than six months, chances are, you're toting around apps you no longer use that are taking up...
  13. Living

    iPhone 5c vs. 5s: Which is right for you?

    The tech world is abuzz with the latest iPhones 5c and 5s announcement, but the question on everyone's mind is: Which phone do I...
  14. Living

    13 Uses for your old iPhone after buying the new 5S

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    Your iPhone has been loyal, so be kind and don't toss her in the trash. Here are 13 uses to keep her useful as you bring your new...
  15. Living

    Try or toss: Are these innovations too far fetched?

    Wondering what the "next big thing" in technology is? We've rounded up 15 unique technological designs and concepts to weigh in if...
  16. Living

    12 Technological advancements for everyday items

    Look around your house. You probably see a lot of old standbys that can't possibly be improved. Or can they? These 12 technological...
  17. Living

    Child Technology Geniuses

    Is your child a tech genius or a tech addict? From babies to teens, here are 5 kids who have turned their tech time into...
  18. Shopping for Cars & Technology

    Shop this accessory: Covers for tablets and e-readers

    Don't let functionality get in the way when it comes to choosing a perfect wrap for your favorite electronic device. Choose a case...
  19. Living

    Latest headphone options for quality sound delivery

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    Music makes the world go 'round. Bring quality sound to your world with these headphone options.
  20. Toddler & Preschoolers

    iPotty: The best or worst new parenting invention

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    We're not sure whether we should cringe at this sign of our times or be thrilled that someone finally put this idea into production,...