1. Living

    Japanese scientists create lifelike robot women (VIDEO)

    Depending on how you feel about technology, this will either be the awesomest or creepiest thing you read all day. The Japanese have...
  2. Living

    How Google plans to connect your TV, car, wrist and more

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    Google I/O 2014 is a two-day Google-palooza devoted to wooing the best and brightest software developers to use Google's platforms —...
  3. Beauty 365

    L'Oréal's new makeup app is a makeup genius

    Here's a scenario that is all too familiar in my makeup life: seeing a trend or trick online, buying or gathering the goods,...
  4. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Go tech-free

    Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram taking over your life? Unfortunately, all that screen time can zap your ability to connect...
  5. Well-being

    The app that lets you text a doctor anytime, anywhere

    A new mobile health service lets you text a doctor for answers on the go.
  6. Children's Health

    Wi-Fi waves could be dangerous to your baby bump

    A new campaign aims to boost awareness about the potential dangers of Wi-Fi exposure in pregnant women.
  7. Family Fun

    5 Great gadgets for kids

    We love these gadgets that do the job, while still being kid-appropriate and kid-durable. Shh... don't tell them they might learn...
  8. Health & Wellness

    Patrick Dempsey on his mother's cancer and the power of CrowdMed

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    We spoke to Patrick Dempsey (a.k.a. Dr. McDreamy) about his real-life efforts to help others with medical issues through CrowdMed.
  9. Living

    Don't miss this live stream of planet Earth from outer space

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    The International Space Station's latest project is out of this world… literally. ISS' new High Definition Earth Viewing experiment...
  10. Décor & Style

    The home of the future will make sci-fi movies look lame

    Remember how cool the house in Back to the Future looked? Well, that house doesn't have anything on the homes of our real future....
  11. Living

    4 Sneaky ways Apple guarantees you'll buy its newer products

    There are many people out there who believe that Apple is taking part in planned obsolescence, meaning that it is purposely making...
  12. Women's Health

    How long it takes a cell phone to triple your brain cancer risk

    Flat tires, missed connections and last-minute work emails are all "emergencies" that have been downgraded to inconveniences, thanks...
  13. Living

    Transparent texting can help you text while walking

    How many times have you ran into something, tripped or stumbled while looking down at your phone? Transparent texting could solve...
  14. Living

    Tech of tomorrow: Print your docs with this robot

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    The only drawback to a mobile office is the lack of a truly mobile printer… until now.
  15. Baby

    How Google is helping moms breastfeed

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    While breastfeeding has existed since the dawn of humanity, the space age technology of Google Glass is now providing 21st century...
  16. Dating

    Geek appeal is the new sexy

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    Guys looking to score a hot chick might be wise to put down the weights and pick up some coding skills. A new survey by Harris...
  17. Tips & Advice

    Memo to the media: Stop saying mothers don't get tech

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    When we imply that mothers don't understand technology, we hurt not only moms but also our daughters.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Crazy things you need to know about Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley has some cool hobbies and viewpoints. Here are a five things about the actress that are pretty hard to believe.
  19. Crafts

    Make a lined tablet cover with chalkboard pocket

    Don't bother with pricey tablet covers when you can make your own. Equipped with a trendy chalkboard for notes and to-do lists, this...
  20. Living

    Watch this tech-savvy fish control a robot

    Watch as this fish swims in a tank and steers a remote-controlled cart.