1. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    Get your coffee fix without the caffeine

    For those who can't tolerate coffee, there's still hope. These coffee alternatives might not be the real thing, but they're...
  2. Cooking Tips & Trends

    In a pickle: How to fix bitter tea

    What causes tea to be bitter? And, more importantly, what can you do to correct it? Here, we’re uncovering the world of tea and...
  3. Organic and Natural

    How to find a tea for every occasion

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    Tea has been around for ages and is a staple in many different cultures, where drinking tea in social settings has been used as a...
  4. Organic and Natural

    Easy diet changes for a healthier lifestyle

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    A hundred calories here and 100 calories there can quickly add up. Before you know it, your pants will feel a little tighter and...
  5. Organic and Natural

    Drink up! Learn the history behind your favorite teas

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    Tea isn't just rich in flavor — it's rich in history! Many cultural traditions and historical events are steeped in tea.
  6. Organic and Natural

    A non–tea drinker's guide to loving tea

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    Even if you've never been much of a tea drinker, we think you'll be willing to turn over a new (tea) leaf once you find out how much...
  7. Organic and Natural

    7 Ways to introduce tea into your daily routine

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    Tea is not only delicious, but it has numerous health benefits. If you've never been a tea drinker, we invite you to introduce tea...
  8. Organic and Natural

    Tips on tea appreciation and preparation

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    If you've never been a tea lover, learning to prepare and appreciate tea can seem slightly daunting. However, once you've learned to...
  9. Organic and Natural

    3 Warming tea ciders

    Stay warm this fall and winter with tea steeped in sweet cider.
  10. Organic and Natural

    Vegan tea-infused shortbread cookies

    Even if eggs or dairy aren't a part of your diet, you can still enjoy these delightfully crumbly, sweet shortbread cookies.
  11. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    5 Benefits of drinking tea

    We all know tea is good for us. With so many different types and flavors out there, we're certain you’ll find one you like even if...
  12. Gardening

    Grow Tea at Home

    Did you know you can grow your own tea ? I don't mean herbal tea (although that is another option), but real tea---black tea, green...
  13. Gardening

    Herbal Tea Garden

    There's nothing more relaxing after a long day than unwinding with a cup of freshly brewed tea. And how could tea be any fresher...