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    Ed Sheeran is living his childhood dream, except for one thing

    Ed Sheeran has fame, success, talent and a hot best friend. So what is his life still missing?
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    VIDEOS: What do VS models, Bieber & Lorde have in common?

    The line between sexy and dorky is a fragile one, and like all interpretation, it is subjective. So we have to ask: Are these new...
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    VIDEO: Victoria's Secret Angels lip synch to Taylor Swift

    The Victoria's Secret Angels have always been hot and sexy, but this year they are doing a little dancing and lip-synching to...
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    Taylor Swift thinks men are intimidated by her

    Taylor Swift is one of the most successful young artists in the world right now, she has dated a string of hot men and the starlet...
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    Friday's Fashion Obsessions: Taylor Swift and Bailee Madison

    Taylor Swift and Bailee Madison's beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this...
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    POLL: Are Lorde's celebrity insults becoming a royal pain?

    When Lorde first started taking jabs at other pop culture icons, we were grateful that someone in the limelight said what a lot of...
  7. Music

    VIDEO: Prince William rocks out with Taylor Swift & Bon Jovi

    Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi were in London for a benefit, but appeared on stage along with Prince William to sing one of Bon...
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    Are Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift taking 'skinny' too far?

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    The AMAs brought out the stars, but also brought to light the weight of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Are they venturing into...
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    2013 AMAs best dressed: Miley Cyrus wows in white!

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    It seems like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift swapped wardrobes at the 2013 American Music Awards, but both managed to top our...
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    Plane crash mystery: Stranger lists Taylor Swift as next of kin

    A plane crash in Nashville leads to a mystery of why a Canadian pilot listed Taylor Swift as his next of kin, and why was he in the...
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    Our AMA predictions in 60 seconds

    Not in the mood to read a dissertation on music history as it pertains to who will win the AMAs? Yeah, us either. Here are very...
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    AMA Albums of the Year: The songs you haven't heard

    This year's American Music Awards' Favorite Album nominations span four genres and include some of the biggest hit-makers in music....
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    Taylor Swift gets "ranting, crazy emails" from ex about a song

    Taylor Swift writes about her relationships and experiences, but her past boyfriends have reacted differently to being used in her...
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    Why Taylor Swift will always wear her heart on her sleeve

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    Taylor Swift says we can mock her all we want, but she will never stop being real with her emotions.
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    Victoria's Secret model lashes out at Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift recently performed at the annual Victoria's Secret show in New York and whilst many models and fans were thrilled with...
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    Live music rules the 2013 CMA Awards

    The CMA Awards highlighted the vast amounts of talent in the world of country music. There were so many huge hits, the performances...
  17. Music

    2013 CMA Awards focus on the music, not the drama

    The CMA Awards highlight the world of country music, and they did all they could to focus on only the music this year. So what were...
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    2013 CMAs best dressed: Miranda Lambert leads the pack

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    Country music's brightest superstars pulled out their finest designer gear for the 2013 CMAs. These five gorgeous ladies managed to...
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    The CMAs are cooler than you think: CMA fun facts

    Think country music is all about cheating, beer drinking liars whose only real friends in the world are their dogs and trucks? Well,...
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    7 Sexiest moments in country music this year in GIFs

    It's no secret country music has amped up the sex appeal in the past few years thanks to smokin' hot stars like Luke Bryan and...