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  1. Music

    2013 CMAs best dressed: Miranda Lambert leads the pack

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    Country music's brightest superstars pulled out their finest designer gear for the 2013 CMAs. These five gorgeous ladies managed to...
  2. Music

    The CMAs are cooler than you think: CMA fun facts

    Think country music is all about cheating, beer drinking liars whose only real friends in the world are their dogs and trucks? Well,...
  3. Music

    7 Sexiest moments in country music this year in GIFs

    It's no secret country music has amped up the sex appeal in the past few years thanks to smokin' hot stars like Luke Bryan and...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift reaches Pinnacle of the CMAs

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    At the young age of 23, Taylor Swift has been making music for nearly a decade. The CMA Awards will be honoring the singer with...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Blake Lively: Celebs who ditch the gym

    It's easy to dismiss the way some celebrities look by saying, "Yeah, OK, if I had a personal trainer, a chef and a live-in yoga...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Selena Gomez is not the kind of girl you take home for a night

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    Selena Gomez is forging her way in the world. And for the first time, is doing it her way.
  7. Music

    The 2013 CMAs soundtrack for life

    Remember when you used to burn CDs with cutesy themes like "Breakup" or "Girls' Night" to suit your mood? Well, we do. (Our iPods...
  8. Makeup & Skin Care

    Steal the look! Celeb makeup how-tos

    When it comes to makeup, celebrities have it easy. They have makeup artists chomping at the bit to work with their famous faces....
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Wicked easy, last-minute celebrity Halloween costumes

    You were really looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing this Halloween night, and got invited to a party last minute. Here...
  10. Music

    2013 ACA nominees: Taylor Swift comes out on top

    The 2013 American Country Awards could belong to Taylor Swift. The singer earned the most nominations of any other artist for this...
  11. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Does Taylor Swift have a thing for vampires?

    Does Taylor Swift have a new beau? Rumors reveal that the singer has moved on to an older man and has sunk her fangs into True...
  12. Music

    Music review: Taylor Swift "Sweeter Than Fiction"

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    Taylor Swift trades her platforms for some sneakers, and her iPod for a stereo in her upbeat '80s-sounding single. But the fun track...
  13. Celebrity Style

    Friday's Fashion Obsessions: Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift

    Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift's beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this...
  14. Music

    Taylor Swift's new album will get even more personal

    Taylor Swift is already working on a new album, and get ready for this one to be even more personal than the last.
  15. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Taylor Swift is taking a break from bad boys

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    Taylor Swift is taking a break from the dating scene and reflecting on what kind of guy she should avoid in the future. Hint: John...
  16. Music

    Step aside, Miley Cyrus: 5 Reasons to love Lorde

    Lorde just bumped Miley Cyrus from Billboard's Hot 100's top spot, and we couldn't be more grateful. Not because we wish Cyrus any...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Lorde slams Taylor Swift, quickly backtracks

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    Taylor Swift is perfect in her imperfections says "Royals" singer Lorde, who is now trying to avoid a feud with the fan favorite.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift is OK with cheating if you're her soul mate

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    Want to date Taylor Swift? It's your lucky day, because the singer has very lax rules when it comes to relationships — and she's...
  19. Movies & Reviews

    Cinderella remake: Celebs we want cast as Disney princesses

    Disney is remaking Cinderella as a feature movie, with Lily James cast as our favorite childhood princess. That got us thinking,...
  20. Music

    Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez to collaborate on new song

    Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez are both at the top of their game, but what would happen if two of the biggest pop stars in the...