taylor swift

  1. Music

    Annie Leibovitz turns Taylor Swift into Rapunzel

    It looks like all that singing about princes and knights in shining armor have finally paid off: Taylor Swift has been transformed...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Selena Gomez on Taylor Swift: "It's so hard to trust girls"

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    The actress feels lucky to have found her BFF Taylor Swift. It looks like Swift can make some relationships last.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Michael J. Fox warns Taylor Swift to stay away from his son

    Tina Fey made the joke at the Golden Globes, but Michael J. Fox responded, and it sounds like he's pretty serious.
  4. Television

    The funniest moments at the 2013 Golden Globes

    Awards shows are typically full of lame one-liners and jokes that fall flat with the audience. Not the 2013 Golden Globes: The show...
  5. Television

    Adele at the Golden Globes: Mom's night out!

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    Adele made her first public appearance since having her baby at the 2013 Golden Globes. And it was definitely memorable!
  6. Television

    Best dressed at the 2013 Golden Globes

    Celebs really brought their A-game for the 2013 Golden Globes. We had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few winners, but these...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Uh oh! Taylor Swift is back in the studio

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    Known almost entirely for her songs about ex-boyfriends, it should come as no surprise that Taylor Swift is back in the studio right...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift dumped for being a frigid old lady

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    Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift because she wouldn't give up the goods, a source close to the One Direction singer has revealed.
  9. Television

    People's Choice Awards speeches: Too far?

    Yep, we get it. The People’s Choice Awards is the fun, hip, cool, casual awards show where fans express their celebrity adulation...
  10. Television

    Taylor Swift: Miserable at the People's Choice Awards

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    Taylor Swift doesn't exactly look happy at the 2013 People's Choice Awards.
  11. Television

    Best dressed at the 2013 People's Choice Awards

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    The 2013 People's Choice Awards attracted all the stars, including everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Emma Watson. The competition...
  12. Entertainment

    Taylor Swift, FUN., Rihanna to perform at Grammys

    The run-up to February's Grammy Awards night has begun, and the number of A-list acts set to perform is already impressive.
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Why Taylor Swift should celebrate 2013 with a vow of celibacy

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    As rumors circulate that Taylor Swift and her latest beau Harry Styles (are you sitting down?) have split (noooooooooo), we have to...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Who was Harry Styles hot tubbing with on Necker Island?

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    Harry Styles' hot tub pal has been revealed. As reports surface that the One Direction singer and songstress Taylor Swift have...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Does Taylor Swift's cryptic tweet mean she's single again?

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    Here we go again: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly split after two months together.
  16. Music

    Friendly competition? Taylor Swift loses top spot to Adele

    Adele's 2011 album, 21 , just keeps going: it ends 2012 as the number one album in 7 countries and substantially out-performs...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Park City, Utah: A Bieber-Gomez-Swift-Styles group vacay

    Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber vacay with Gomez's best friend, Taylor Swift, and Swift's boyfriend, One Direction's Harry...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift tops the list for being "good"

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    Taylor Swift isn't just at the top of the music charts for 2012 — she's also at the top of DoSomething.org's "Top 20 Celebs Gone...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift brings Harry Styles home with her

    First, Harry Styles took Taylor on a trip around his hometown in jolly old England. Now, Swift has introduced her BF to her mom. Are...
  20. Music

    Highest-grossing 2012 tour? Not Bieber — Madonna!

    Who says Madonna is past it? At age 54, her MDNA tour out-grosses those of way-busier singers like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.