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    All the times Taylor Swift made us say, "Go home, Taylor. You're drunk."

    Don't get us wrong — we love Taylor Swift. Like, love love. But every now and then, America's sweetheart says something that makes...
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    Taylor Swift's Instagram message gives us hope for celebs

    Let me just start by saying that, as I write this article, I'm proudly listening to, "Shake It Off" and feeling so inspired by the...
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    Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift gush over one another

    In a world where feuds run rampant, it warms our hearts to see two celebs show each other some love.
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    Frat boys lip-sync Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" and it's perfect (VIDEO)

    Swifties are everywhere, including (apparently) dorm hallways. One frat decided to take Taylor Swift's new song, "Shake It Off," and...
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    Is Taylor Swift's unnamed female nemesis actually Katy Perry?

    Taylor Swift is known to be a girl's girl, she has a slew of female celebrity BFFs and she has been a strong voice for the...
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    Confession: Why I'm not-so-secretly obsessed with Taylor Swift's love life

    Taylor Swift's personal life is forever making headlines, but I'm not complaining, because I'm just a little bit obsessed with her...
  7. Music

    "Shake It Off" outtakes prove Taylor Swift is as dorky as she claims

    It seems like since the dawn of Taylor Swift's time the pretty, talented blonde has tried to convince us that she's normal and dorky...
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    Taylor Swift says Lena Dunham educated her about feminism

    Taylor Swift has served as an inspiration to many women with her powerful lyrics, graceful demeanor and string of female celebrity...
  9. Fashion & Style

    Love it or hate it: Taylor Swift's jumpsuit at the MTV VMAs

    Taylor Swift's 2014 MTV VMAs look is giving us flashbacks to gymnastics class.
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    MTV VMAs: 6 Most WTF red carpet looks — and yes, Taylor Swift tops the list

    The MTV Video Music Awards are a place to experiment with fashion, but sometimes people take experimenting to a ridiculous level.
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    11 Perfect Taylor Swift songs for every stage of your love life

    No one can say Taylor Swift doesn't have a way with words. Or lyrics, rather.
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    Taylor Swift is no longer "enamored by romance"

    Taylor Swift is growing up. The singer will release her latest album, 1989 , in October, but she has revealed that her fans should...
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    Taylor Swift invites fans to her home for pizza party

    Could she get any cooler? Taylor Swift hosted a pizza party for fans at her New York home on Monday.
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    Taylor Swift called racist for having black twerkers in video

    Taylor Swift has come under fire for alleged racism in her new video for the single "Shake It Off," and is accused of mocking black...
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    Marie Claire celebrates 20 women who are changing the world

    The 20th anniversary issue of Marie Claire hits stands today and the magazine is celebrating by featuring a 16-page spread of 20...
  16. Music

    Taylor Swift takes aim at haters in new "Shake It Off" video

    Forget any notion you had of Taylor Swift, the country music leading lady. Well, for now at least. The former country music diva is...
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    Taylor Swift's new album: Who will she sing about this time?

    It is the moment all Swifties have been waiting for — Taylor Swift has finally released the details of her new album. The singer...
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    Squee! Taylor Swift announces new album, shakes off country

    It's a huge date for Taylor Swift fans. Not only did she release a new single and video, but she also announced her new album, 1989...
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    Taylor Swift knows her award show dancing doesn't look cool

    Taylor Swift is becoming known for her goofy award show dancing almost as much as she is for her unsuccessful relationships. But it...
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    Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum get ladylike in stunning dresses

    Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum's beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week. We're telling you why in this week's...