1. Mom & Dad

    Use tax season to teach kids about financial responsibility

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    We teach our kids everything from tying their shoelaces to clearing their plates from the dinner table, but have you taught your...
  2. Money and finance

    6 Free ways to prepare your taxes

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    Do you really need to pay an accountant to do your taxes? You may not even need to pay a service. These free ways to file your taxes...
  3. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Deducting Angel Trees and other holiday gifts

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    At this time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday gift-buying frenzy. But one of the greatest joys of the season is...
  4. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    The ins and outs of paying your caregiver

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    Did you know families that hire a nanny, senior caregiver or other domestic employee to work in their home have to follow payroll,...
  5. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Charitable vacations: Have your fun and deduct it too

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    Have you always wanted to save the rain forest? Teach a child in a third world country to read? Offer your medical expertise to...
  6. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Summer jobs for kids and taxes

    When the heat is on, so is the pressure for kids to find jobs for the summer. Earning extra cash for the summer runs the gamut from...
  7. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    The perfect graduation gift: A personal exemption

    With graduation day just around the corner, parents across the country are struggling to find the perfect gift. Might I suggest a...
  8. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    Free food on Tax Day

    Tax Day is April 15, 2013, and it’s time to get some free food!
  9. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Student loan interest: How parents can pay and give their child the deduction

    Paying for college can be expensive. According to American Student Assistance, close to 60 percent of the nearly 20 million...
  10. Career and Time Management

    How to set up a legal home business

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    If you're ready to start your own home-based business, you'll need to do several things to keep it legal. We've got the scoop on...
  11. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    What to deduct when you're expecting

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    Having a baby can be expensive. Fortunately, taxpayers can catch a few breaks under the Tax Code to make it a little more bearable.
  12. Money and finance

    Your tax season survival guide

    It's that time again! Tax season is here, and you're gearing up to sift through those receipts. But before you get started, take a...
  13. Money and finance

    Make the most out of your income tax return

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    Your long-awaited tax return is almost here and you've already thought of a million ways to spend that check. Before you cash it and...
  14. Money and finance

    How to file an extension for your taxes

    If you’re not going to make the April 15th deadline for filing your taxes, you can file an extension, which will push the due date...
  15. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Spring cleaning and charitable deductions

    It’s that time of year again — spring cleaning! Throw open your windows, shake off the cobwebs and let in some fresh air. Along with...
  16. Money and finance

    Real women speak: What did you do with your tax refund??

    Ahhh it’s that time of year again — tax season. Those who typically owe money dread the thought of April 15th, but those who get...
  17. Marriage

    How tying the knot can impact your taxes

    Getting married has a big impact on your taxes. To help you navigate the changes, TaxACT spokesperson Jessi Dolmage offers this advice.
  18. Money and finance

    How to prepare for tax day

    April 15th is deemed “tax day,” but hopefully you’ll have your taxes done much sooner than that. Before sitting down to file, make...
  19. Family spending

    Strange tax return rituals we love

    If you are planning on getting a refund this year you probably already have plans for how to spend it — maybe pay off the credit...
  20. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Last-minute tax season tips for families

    Tax Day (April 15) is right around the corner. Even if you haven't started preparing your taxes yet, don't stress out. You still...