tara summers

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    Hitchcock 's Tara Summers talks scary roles, Shatner and more

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    She's smart, beautiful, funny and gets to star alongside Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren in the much-anticipated Hitchcock flick....
  2. Television

    Ringer preview: "Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead?"

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    Charlie's involved in Gemma's disappearance and Bridget was faced with an ultrasound machine. That's what we learned last week on...
  3. Television

    Ringer's Gemma gets a dad: CW casts Gregory Harrison

    Gemma is missing on Ringer , so who better to bring on the scene than her dear old dad?
  4. Television

    Ringer preview: "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday"

    Ringer added another element of surprise with Gemma's murder last week. This week, someone has blood on their hands -- but who?
  5. Television

    Ringer preview: "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch"

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    Ringer meets a whole new kind of bitch this week! No, seriously, that's the title of the episode!
  6. Television

    Ringer preview: "It's Going To Kill Me, But I'll Do It"

    Ringer keeps throwing us for more loops -- and we like it!