tapas recipes

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    Paprika-crusted chicken with crispy garlic

    You'll find a version of this chicken dish in most Spanish tapas restaurants. See how easy it is to make at home.
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    Baked shrimp with garlic and chili oil

    The combination of garlic, olive oil, chili oil and thyme makes an amazing broth for baked shrimp and crusty bread! It's a quick,...
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    New Year's Eve tapas party recipes

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    When good friends come together to celebrate the year end, not just any party food will do. The word tapas loosely translates to the...
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    3 easy tapas recipes for a sultry night of Spanish fun

    Looking to tantalize your amore with a sultry night of Spanish flavor? These exceptional and easy tapas recipes will titillate your...
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    How to host a tapas party

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    Tapas bars are opening everywhere in the United States, serving a wide variety of appetizers or snacks, usually inspired by Spanish...