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  1. Television

    POLL: Which Jimmy Fallon #hashtag bit was your fave?

    Rivaling his #Hashtag conversation skit with Justin Timberlake a few months back, Jimmy Fallon followed it up with a hilarious...
  2. Television

    Homeland 's Mandy Patinkin surprised with two old flames

    Mandy Patinkin of Homeland was surprised on air during Live with Kelly and Michael with two of his former flames.
  3. Television

    Bethenny Frankel's talk show gets the ax after one season

    Bethenny Frankel's talk show, Bethenny , has been axed after just one season due to very low ratings.
  4. Entertainment

    Bethenny Frankel exclusive: "I still believe in love"

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    SheKnows Girl Crush Bethenny Frankel brings us onstage with her to chat at the first taping of her new talk show, Bethenny , and...
  5. Television

    Queen Latifah reveals her hidden talent: Ironing!

    Queen Latifah is set to become a daytime goddess with her new talk show, debuting in September. However, the rapper revealed to...
  6. Television

    Kris Jenner's daytime talk show reportedly canceled

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    Kris Jenner might have to look for a new job. Reports are coming in that the mother-of-six's daytime talk show has been canceled by...
  7. Television

    Arsenio Hall returns to late-night television

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    The late-night talk show field is about to become even more crowded with Arsenio Hall's big return to television. Watch out, David...
  8. Entertainment

    Host a girls' night in as Bethenny Frankel would

    Bethenny Frankel may be a busy mom with a booming career, but the talk-show host always makes time to hang with her friends! From...
  9. Entertainment

    Gossip girl: Reasons to watch Bethenny Frankel's talk show

    She's confident, strong and definitely not afraid to speak her mind! If you dig Bethenny Frankel as much as we do, you won't want to...
  10. Entertainment

    15 Bethenny-isms: Learn 'em, love 'em

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    Bethenny Frankel is known for her comical one-liners and sassy sayings. And her quotes aren't just funny — they are often...
  11. Television

    Kris Jenner's talk show debuts July 15

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    Get ready for an all-Kardashian summer! Right around the time Kim Kardashian's baby is born, Kris Jenner is launching her new talk...
  12. Television

    Ricki Lake's show canceled, host hightails it for Ibiza

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    The Ricki Lake Show 's been canceled! Just one season after getting a reboot, the show that made viewers chant their favorite...
  13. Television

    Kris Jenner to launch her own talk show

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    Get ready for even more Kardashians in 2013! Kris Jenner will be launching her own talk show this summer.
  14. Television

    Life lessons from Katie Couric

    After an extremely successful career that included 15 years as the co-anchor of NBC's Today show, Katie Couric is coming back into...
  15. Television

    Preview: Katie's new talk show

    Longtime co-anchor of NBC's Today show and anchor of the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric is gearing up for the premiere of her new...