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    Jake Gyllenhaal leads pack of weekend DVD releases

    Big names in the world of DVD releases this week! Find out which ones flopped and which demand your attention.
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    Taken 2 was a box office hit

    There's a lot of kidnapping in this film series, but Taken 2 was a box office smash. Just be careful when you are on vacation in...
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    Skyfall slays weekend box office

    Big surprise: James Bond and Skyfall smoke the competition.
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    Argo soars over clouds in weekend box office

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    Argo infiltrates the top spot this weekend despite the efforts of three new box office contenders, including the Tom Hanks/Halle...
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    Taken 3 in the works thanks to box office numbers

    The numbers don't lie. From an economic viewpoint Taken and, most recently, Taken 2 left their mark on the box office. But...
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    Liam Neeson was paid how much for Taken 2 ?

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    The actor must have kicked himself for getting such a small paycheck from the first movie. So for the second film in the franchise,...
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    Taken 2 takes the weekend box office

    A sequel tops this weekend's box office as Tim Burton suffers his second film disappointment in 2012.