taco recipes

  1. Family Recipes

    Korean street tacos

    No food trucks in your city? Who needs them when you can have Korean street tacos in the comfort of your own home. These tacos are...
  2. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Forget the corned beef and cabbage, it's all about the tacos

    Turn the traditional flavors of St. Patrick's Day into fun and festive tacos.
  3. Meatless Recipes

    Spicy portobello mushroom tacos

    This dish is a vegetarian's Taco Tuesday dream come true. Fresh sautéed mushrooms piled high on a fresh tortilla and smothered in a...
  4. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    3 Recipes packed with superfoods

    I know I'm not the only person who likes to start the new year on a healthier, fresh foot. And the best way to do that is to amp up...
  5. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Thai chicken tacos with peanut butter sauce

    Taco Tuesday needs a face-lift. These Thai tacos combine grilled chicken, cabbage slaw and lots of peanut butter sauce.
  6. Family Recipes

    Sausage pizza tacos

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    Give your tacos an Italian twist with these fun and addicting sausage pizza tacos.
  7. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Chicken taco pitas

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    Here's a unique way of making tacos that's fun, different and delicious. There are no tortillas allowed for these tacos.
  8. Vegan Recipes

    Buffalo chickpea soft tacos with avocado sour cream

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    Buffalo spice isn't just for chicken wings. This easy slow cooker Buffalo chickpea taco filling will knock your socks off.
  9. Meatless Recipes

    Summer veggie tacos with spicy avocado sauce

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    These tacos are loaded with veggies and topped off with an easy, creamy, spicy avocado sauce. Who knew Mexican food could be so...
  10. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Chili-orange salmon tacos with avocado coleslaw

    Move over, whitefish. Chili and orange-marinated salmon is the perfect choice for a unique twist on fish tacos.
  11. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Easy weeknight slow cooker chicken tacos

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    Don't worry about scrambling for dinner. This simple dish is thrown together in the slow cooker and ready by dinner. It couldn't get...
  12. Meatless Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Zesty tofu tacos

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    These zesty tofu tacos will brighten up any Monday meal! They taste great and are easy to make. How much better could your Meatless...
  13. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Grilled fish tacos with creamy lime dressing

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    Grilled fish is easy to make and quite versatile. Try making fish tacos! This recipe is easy to make with just a handful of...
  14. Gluten Free Recipes

    Taco salad stuffed heirloom tomatoes

    Eating a salad every day may be good for our waistlines, but its definitely not good when our lives are in a rut. If you can't take...
  15. Family Recipes

    Grilled pork soft tacos with spicy avocado mango salsa

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    Win them over with a tray of these colorful, fresh and vibrant, healthy soft tacos at your next outdoor party!
  16. Easy Global Recipes

    How to make corn tortillas from scratch

    Homemade corn tortillas are so simple, so delicious and so inexpensive, you will never go back to store-bought. This is a skill that...
  17. Family Recipes

    Citrus-cooked carnitas tacos recipe

    Who knew it was so easy to make classic carnitas at home? You’ll never have to go out for Mexican food again!
  18. Family Recipes

    Fish tacos with avocado cream sauce recipe

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    Cod pieces are seasoned, coated in panko, lightly fried in olive oil and finished in the oven for a deliciously crispy fish taco...
  19. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Homemade taco wraps

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    Don't resort to fast food for dinner! This simple dish combines crispy and flour tortillas and is the perfect weeknight dinner!
  20. Meatless Recipes

    Roasted vegetable tacos

    Want something different for taco night? This simple taco is packed full of roasted vegetables and topped with avocados, cheese and...