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    12 Celebs you forgot are senior citizens

    Sure, logic tells us that some of these celebs must be in their golden years if we have been enjoying them on-screen for decades...
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    At 66, Suzanne Somers still has sex "a couple times a day"

    Just a week after Miley Cyrus said sex stops after 40, Suzanne Somers proved her wrong by talking about her and her husband's very,...
  3. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Color me fancy: Top color trends at the Emmys

    All eyes are on the red carpet at the awards shows to see what the top celebrities are wearing, from their gowns to their makeup and...
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    Suzanne Somers wants everyone to see her new boob

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    Suzanne Somers has had quite the fight with breast cancer. The beautiful Three's Company star even had to have her breast removed...
  5. Television

    Two's company: Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt reunite

    Former Three's Company stars Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt have buried the hatchet. After 30-plus years, the comedy icons are...