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    Moving on up! Katie Holmes buys $4 million NYC apartment

    It's been two years since Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, but she's finally putting down roots in New York City.
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    #NoKidsPolicy: Scary celeb stories that prove it's overdue

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's campaign urging people to stop supporting publications that run unauthorized pics of celebrity kids...
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    Motherhood and Suri are Katie Holmes' No. 1 priority

    Katie Holmes may be an actress, but she is first and foremost a mom, and she has a lot to say on the topic!
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    Tom Cruise admits Scientology caused split with Katie Holmes

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    Your suspicions have been confirmed: Tom Cruise admitted under oath that Scientology was a major factor in his split from Katie Holmes.
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    Tom Cruise is fighting mad over Suri abandonment stories

    Don't ever make Tom Cruise angry. Two tabloid magazines were hit with a $50 million lawsuit after they wrote about Cruise's alleged...
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    Tom Cruise takes daughter Suri to bungee jumping center

    Tom Cruise treated his daughter Suri to an outing that was a little different than that of most 7-year-old girls — a visit to a...
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    Not nice! Photographer calls Suri Cruise a "little brat"

    It seems one member of the paparazzi has decided that when a 7-year-old doesn't want to get her picture taken, it's all right to...
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    Did Tom Cruise hire a body double for Suri?

    A child eerily similar in looks to Suri Cruise has been spotted shadowing Suri and Katie Holmes. Is this the work of a...
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    Suri Cruise is going to have the Best. Christmas. Ever.

    How do you help your children cope with divorce? According to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' example, you spoil them beyond belief.
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    Shiloh Pitt: Santa's list for celebrity tots

    Buying for our own kids is easy. After telling them, “No, put that back,” and “No, you can’t have that,” and “Is it your birthday or...
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    Suri eats turkey with Tom in London

    Suri Cruise flew to London to spend Thanksgiving with her Dad, beginning the first of many awkward holidays with non-custodial Tom.
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    Tom Cruise suing for $50 million for claims about Suri

    The actor has been busy working, even after the divorce from Katie Holmes. But he doesn't appreciate anyone saying he's a bad...
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    Tom Cruise gets off easy? Owes $400K/year in child support

    Two months after Katie Holmes initially filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, and within days of the divorce being finalized this week,...
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    Will Tom Cruise show up for Suri's first day of school?

    The big day for the 6-year-old is coming up in a few weeks. And both parents are committed to attending their daughter's first day...
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    Katie Holmes hinted at broken relationship before divorce

    Katie Holmes gave an interview to C Magazine the day before she filed for divorce, but did she let on more than they realized?
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    Tom Cruise still fighting Enquirer , paternity claims

    Tom Cruise and his lawyer are bringing out the big guns to fight the stories the National Enquirer is publishing about the divorce,...
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    Katie Holmes caps divorce with role on Broadway

    Katie Holmes is clearly moving on from Tom Cruise at lightning speed. The actress just landed a new gig on Broadway for a coveted...
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    Suri Cruise shaken after garbage truck hits Katie Holmes' limo

    As if little Suri Cruise hasn't had it bad enough in recent weeks, what with her parents' very public breakup, a Monday evening...
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    Suri and Tom Cruise have been video chatting

    Tom Cruise just wrapped his movie in Iceland, and according to his lawyer, he will be seeing his daughter Suri very soon.
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    Celebrity kids' style

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    Don't you wish you could dress your kid like a celebri-tot? Whether or not you can afford the high-priced children's boutiques, you...