1. Diet

    How to buy the best supplements

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    Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals can be a great way to boost your overall health. But with so many supplement...
  2. Well-being

    Alternative choices for calcium supplementation

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    You know that an adequate intake of daily calcium is important to build and maintain peak bone mass, prevent osteoporosis and bone...
  3. Diet

    Kitty litter clay cleanses: Newest fad diet supplement

    Bentonite clay rocketed to fame when starlet Shailene Woodley said she eats it to detox her body. But she's not the first one to try...
  4. Diet

    Human breast milk is "the greatest health supplement ever?"

    The next time someone tells you "I got it from my momma!" in regards to their athleticism, you might want to ask them exactly how....