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    3 Burning questions from Supernatural Season 9 (so far)

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    How is Zeke not burning out of Sam's meat suit? Is Crowley partially human? Here are a few burning questions from Supernatural...
  2. Books

    Fiction meets TV: A Supernatural mash-up

    If you like everything paranormal, you're probably a huge fan of the television show Supernatural . Lucky for you, paranormal and...
  3. Television

    The CW's fall premiere: Queens, vampires and more!

    The CW has found a successful niche in all things royally supernatural. Whether it's royal intrigue, bloodsucking creatures of the...
  4. Television

    Supernatural Season 9 premiere photos: Is that heaven?

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    New photos from the Supernatural Season 9 premiere offer tidbits about Sam's dire health, a new angel, and a trip to... could that...
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    Tantalizing hints from the Supernatural Season 9 preview

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    The first preview video for Supernatural Season 9 has been released and, though it's short on time, it's long on information......
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    Supernatural Season 8 gag reel: 5 Reasons it's the best yet

    Here are five reasons the Supernatural gag reel is the funniest one yet.
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    5 Things the Impala could do in Supernatural Season 9

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    Come to life? Host another hot sex scene? Check out some speculations about what the Imapala (aka "Baby") could do in Supernatural...
  8. Television

    Supernatural spoilers: Tahmoh Penikett is Ezekiel

    Supernatural casts Tahmoh Penikett as the angel Ezekiel, and Castiel discovers the troubles of being a human.
  9. Television

    5 Things Sam could do in Supernatural season 9

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    Find a friend? Get purified of demon blood? Check out some speculations about what Sam could do in Supernatural season 9.
  10. Television

    The CW announces their fall 2013 line-up

    We're only a few days into the official summer season, but The CW just announced their fall line-up. It looks pretty good.
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    5 Things Dean could do in Supernatural Season 9

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    Get his own storyline? Bond with Castiel again? We speculate on what could happen to Dean in Supernatural Season 9
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    5 Things Castiel could do in Supernatural Season 9

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    Lose his trademark suit and overcoat? Decide to stay human forever? We speculate on what could happen to Castiel in Supernatural...
  13. Television

    5 Ways Bobby could return to Supernatural Season 9

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    Showrunner Jeremy Carver hints at a possible return for Bobby in Supernatural Season 9, and we give our theories as to how it...
  14. Television

    10 gay TV couples we want hitched

    We want more gay weddings on television! Remember when Sex and the City 's Stanford and Anthony tied the knot? It was fabulous! And...
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    Supernatural : 5 awesome Charlie moments

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    Why do Supernatural fans love Charlie Bradbury? Join us as we count the ways.
  16. Television

    The CW's Arrow hits the bull's-eye... in ratings

    The CW's found a new breakout hit. After years of lukewarm debuts, the network's struck gold with Arrow . Wednesday night, the...
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    Countdown to Season 8 premiere of Supernatural

    If you're fascinated by urban legends and all things supernatural, then you are probably as invested in this series as we are....
  18. Television

    Fringe , Big Bang Theory graduate to Hall H at this summer's Comic-Con

    Warner Bros. Television Group announced its panel schedule for the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego. Veteran shows like Fringe...
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    The CW sinks its teeth into more Vampire Diaries

    The CW loves The Vampire Diaries . It's just one of three dramas the network has renewed for another season. The bloodsuckers will...
  20. Television

    The CW teases November sweeps for The Vampire Diaries , Ringer and more!

    November is upon us, which means one thing -- sweeps! The CW released a few teases to get us in the mood, and if you're dying to...