1. Television

    Supernatural sneak peek: Can Metatron tempt Castiel?

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    Sam and Dean finally catch up to Gadreel, while Metatron offers Castiel a new deal. Check out promo photos from "Meta Fiction."
  2. Television

    Will Supernatural fans survive the Winchester brotherly brawl?

    Sam and Dean are in the midst of an epic brotherly brawl on Supernatural Season 9, and there are no signs of it ending any time...
  3. Television

    Supernatural sneak peek: The Ghostfacers are back, baby!

    Sam and Dean are looking for a distraction and find it in the form of a new case that reunites them with their old buddies, the...
  4. Television

    Fantasy gets another year! The CW announces early renewals

    We can all breathe a small sigh of relief, The CW has announced that The Vampire Diaries , Arrow and Supernatural , along with...
  5. Television

    5 Things to do until Supernatural returns on Feb. 25

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    Supernatural may be off the air until Tuesday, Feb. 25, but fear not, dear fans. We've got five ways you can stay busy until the...
  6. Television

    Yay! Supernatural finally gives Dean his own storyline

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    Dean accepted the mark of Cain so that he could find the First Blade and kill Abaddon. Does this mean that Dean will have his own...
  7. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Jared Padalecki says babies are tough for grown men

    Jared Padalecki is a heartthrob who is also a father of two. But of all the things in his life, nothing has been as challenging as...
  8. Television

    Should Dean trust Crowley? Supernatural sneak peek

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    Dean is forced to make a deal with Crowley in order to save Sam. Check out our sneak peek at the next episode of Supernatural ,...
  9. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    It's a boy for Supernatural 's Jared and Genevieve Padalecki

    After a sort-of pregnancy announcement back in July, Jared Padalecki and his wife confirmed the birth of their new baby on Twitter...
  10. Television

    INTERVIEW: Supernatural 's Osric Chau says goodbye to Kevin

    Osric Chau has had to say goodbye to Kevin Tran, but he's got a lot of projects planned for the future, including one that will...
  11. Television

    Supernatural fall finale: Death, possession and angel wings

    A whole lot of stuff went down in the Supernatural fall finale "Holy Terror." Lives were lost, lies were discovered and a couple...
  12. Television

    INTERVIEW: Supernatural 's Misha Collins on losing his wings

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    Misha Collins talks about Castiel becoming human on this season of Supernatural , plus the latest episode of his web series where...
  13. Television

    POLL: Should Supernatural 's Castiel stay human or not?

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    Castiel has proven he's got what it takes to make it as a human. But if he could get his wings back, would he do more good (and be...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Spooky! Ariana Grande has encounter with demons

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    Ariana Grande has a very good ghost story! The young actress recently revealed that she had a very terrifying supernatural encounter...
  15. Television

    3 Burning questions from Supernatural Season 9 (so far)

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    How is Zeke not burning out of Sam's meat suit? Is Crowley partially human? Here are a few burning questions from Supernatural...
  16. Books

    Fiction meets TV: A Supernatural mash-up

    If you like everything paranormal, you're probably a huge fan of the television show Supernatural . Lucky for you, paranormal and...
  17. Television

    The CW's fall premiere: Queens, vampires and more!

    The CW has found a successful niche in all things royally supernatural. Whether it's royal intrigue, bloodsucking creatures of the...
  18. Television

    Supernatural Season 9 premiere photos: Is that heaven?

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    New photos from the Supernatural Season 9 premiere offer tidbits about Sam's dire health, a new angel, and a trip to... could that...
  19. Television

    Tantalizing hints from the Supernatural Season 9 preview

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    The first preview video for Supernatural Season 9 has been released and, though it's short on time, it's long on information......
  20. Television

    Supernatural Season 8 gag reel: 5 Reasons it's the best yet

    Here are five reasons the Supernatural gag reel is the funniest one yet.