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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    M.I.A. mocks NFL lawsuit by asking Madonna for $16 million

    M.I.A. gave a memorable halftime performance at the 2012 Super Bowl alongside Madonna. But perhaps it was memorable for all the...
  2. Television

    Who thought emasculating Super Bowl ads were a good idea?

    Where were all the wildly inappropriate, funny-for-all-the-wrong-reasons Super Bowl commercials in 2014? Maybe the better question...
  3. Television

    Was the Seinfeld reunion worth the wait?

    Seinfeld at the Super Bowl! The eagerly anticipated cast reunion finally happened, but was it all that fans had hoped for?
  4. Television

    VIDEOS: Watch 10 Super Bowl commercials before the game

    Bring on the celebs, hot bods and puppies! Oh, yeah, the Super Bowl game is great too, but we're talking commercials here, people....
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream controversy

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    Scarlett Johansson is endorsing a product for Super Bowl Sunday, but may have instead become the face of a company facing major...
  6. Television

    VIDEO: Full House cast members reunite for Super Bowl ad

    The Super Bowl ads are upon us, and it looks like Dannon is going to have a blast from the past for their spot. Watch the teaser here.
  7. Television

    VIDEO: Carmen Electra, Abraham Lincoln team up for Volkswagen’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial

    Super Bowl ads are on the way, and Volkswagen is giving us a taste with their brand new teaser ad featuring Carmen Electra.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Super Bowl 2013: Strangest in recent history?

    Things that typically set a Super Bowl apart, like commercials or a halftime show controversy, didn’t happen with this year’s Super...
  9. Television

    Super Bowl ads: The GoDaddy vs. Calvin Klein controversy

    The Super Bowl gives Monday morning quarterbacking a whole new meaning because the sporting event is known as much for its...
  10. Television

    Our Top 5 Super Bowl commercials

    We here at SheKnows love a little bit of football. But just like the rest of the country, we get even more excited for the ads....
  11. Television

    Get a tissue and a beer: Best Super Bowl 2013 commercial

    Dying to catch some Super Bowl commercials early? Watch the 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl ad here!
  12. Television

    Kate Upton can't legally drive Usher wild — or can she?

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    Kate Upton and Usher may make a hot enough pair for a memorable Super Bowl ad, but there's one service it is rumored the model can't...
  13. Movies & Reviews

    Olympic commercials: As emotionally charged as the games

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    Where Super Bowl commercials hit a more comedic note by speaking to our inner beer-drinking, chip-eating slacker, Olympic...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Mini Darth Vader out of hospital after open heart surgery

    Max Page, the young actor who played Darth Vader in the popular Super Bowl TV spot, has been released from the hospital following...
  15. Television

    Top 5 funniest Super Bowl commercials

    We've had a day to reflect on the 2012 commercials from Super Bowl XLVI. Sure, many of them fell flat, but a few managed to keep us...
  16. Television

    Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of 2012 -- see them here!

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    The 2012 Super Bowl is in the history books -- but the commercials live on. With airtime running an average of $3.5 million for 30...
  17. Movies & Reviews

    Hollywood packs Super Bowl punch with hot movie ads

    Hollywood gives the Super Bowl bang for its buck with several new movie trailers set to debut during the big game.
  18. Movies & Reviews

    Will The Hunger Games preview have you starved for more?

    In a sneak peek at the new trailer for The Hunger Games, viewers will get a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence like they've never seen her...
  19. Television

    Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi reunite for the Super Bowl

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    Jerry Seinfeld is enlisting the help of the Soup Nazi to get the first edition of the 2012 Acura NSX. Will it make a difference? See...
  20. Entertainment

    David Beckham strips down to undies for H&M Super Bowl ad

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    David Beckham isn't known for tossing around the pigskin, but the soccer ace is sure to be one of the most gabbed about stars at...