summer vacation

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    Summer vacation childcare options for WAHMs

    Don’t look now, but summer is coming. Crazy right? Before we know it, school will be out and work-at-home moms everywhere will be...
  2. Family Activities

    Start a family summer keepsake collection

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    Year after year, you collect the mementos of summer. Whether they are shells or rocks or magnets from your travels, caring for and...
  3. Children's School & Education

    How to make a summer vacation educational

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    Getting there can be half the fun - and educational
  4. Travel

    9 Top vacation deals for summer

    From coast to coast, travel deals that are waiting to be found can save you a bundle on your next summer vacation. Before you book...
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    3 Top West Coast vacation deals for summer

    Boost your spending cash for your next West Coast vacation with the best travel deals on the things you need for a hot summer...
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    3 Top Southern vacation deals for summer

    Feast your deal-loving eyes on these three top Southern vacation deals for summer to save on the destinations you love, from Florida...
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    3 Top East Coast vacation deals for summer

    Hitting the road, air or sea this summer can cost you less when you know where to look for travel deals. From last-minute deals to...
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    Road trip activities to keep the kids calm

    Heading on the road? With the price of airline tickets so high these days, driving to your vacation destination might sound perfect....
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    Why you should plan your summer vacation now

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    When you’re tired of the snow and ice, when wet mittens are just so last week, and you just can’t seem to get warm no matter how...
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    Start looking for summer programs for your kids now

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    It’s cold outside. You’re more likely thinking of baking cookies than baking in the sun. However, right now -- when your favorite...
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    Making your summer vision for your family a reality

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    It seems so far away and then, BAM!. It’s here. Summer, that is. The lead up is so very long, but the actual time is short. Rather...
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    Monday Mom challenge: Envision a rockin’ summer

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    To make the most of summer, you need to do a little planning for your “free” season -- as contrary as that might sound. Whether your...