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    The Lone Ranger : Trailer, cast and more

    Johnny Depp is going to war in Disney's The Lone Ranger . He and Armie Hammer star as legendary heroes in this big-screen...
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    The Conjuring : Trailer, cast and more

    Despite the summer's kiddie fare, a supernatural thriller has slipped through the cracks. The Conjuring is the terrifying tale of...
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    The Smurfs 2 : Trailer, cast and more

    Blue is the season's hottest color and it dominates The Smurfs 2 . Neil Patrick Harris and his friends are back for the epic...
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    R.I.P.D. : Trailer, cast and more

    Ryan Reynolds is tackling another comic book adaptation. This time, there's no spandex or super-powered rings. It's just him, a gun,...
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    Pacific Rim : Trailer, cast and more

    Guillermo del Toro is taking you on a wild ride with monsters vs. robots. Get your sci-fi fix with the epic tale of Pacific Rim .
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    Despicable Me 2 : Trailer, cast and more

    Steve Carell. Minions. Summer. What else could you ask for? Kick off 4th of July weekend with Gru and his gals. Despicable Me 2...
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    SheKnows Summer Movie Guide: June, July & August 2013

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    Attention film buffs: SheKnows has unveiled its Summer Movie Guide. It doesn't matter if you're into superheroes, comedies or dramas...
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    The Heat : Trailer, cast and more

    Sandra Bullock is playing an FBI Agent… again. The Oscar-winning actress joins forces with Melissa McCarthy for The Heat . Directed...
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    White House Down : Trailer, cast and more

    Channing Tatum and his tank top are on a mission. White House Down has him channeling his inner Bruce Willis as he fights to...
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    Monsters University : Trailer, cast and more

    Mike and Sulley have returned for Monsters University . It's the prequel to Monsters, Inc. that takes us back to where it all...
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    World War Z : Trailer, cast and more

    Zombies are taking over and Brad Pitt is humanity's last hope. This June, the actor headlines the horror film World War Z , which...
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    Stuck in Love : Trailer, cast and more

    Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) is in a rut. He's pining after his ex-wife, and his career's in free fall. This summer, with the help of...
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    The Bling Ring : Trailer, cast and more

    The Bling Ring is all about materialism and fame. Oscar-winner Sofia Coppola takes us on a ride with this unconventional Hollywood...
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    Man of Steel : Trailer, cast and more

    Superman gets a makeover in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel . In this revamped origin story, actor Henry Cavill gives an earnest...
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    This is the End : Trailer, cast and more

    It's the end of the world and James Franco knows it. He and Seth Rogen strive to survive when Los Angeles goes under. In ,...