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    Is Friday, Aug. 16, the summer's biggest movie release date?

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    Summer is known for its Man of Steel-esque blockbusters, spoon-fed to us one Friday or Saturday at a time (who really wants to...
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    POLL: Mark Wahlberg vs. Denzel Washington: Who's the bigger bada**?

    Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington’s new movie, 2 Guns , is sort of the two-dude version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith: two operatives...
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    VIDEOS: Jennifer Aniston breaks the good-girl mold

    For years we thought of Jennifer Aniston as the mostly-good-girl Rachel from Friends . Sure, “Rachel” wore plastic nipples in her...
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    PHOTOS: Remembering Ryan Reynolds before his R.I.P.D. role

    Those of us who like to bemoan a lack of unique ideas coming from Hollywood have to shut our yaps when it comes to R.I.P.D. This...
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    PHOTOS: R.I.P.D. 's Ryan Reynolds and other hot movie cops

    Admit it: The main reason you agree to go to movies that are too loud and too violent with your guy is the hot men in uniform. We...
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    The Lone Ranger bombs: Is the small screen the new big screen?

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    Uh-oh. Disney’s $225 million The Lone Ranger earned just under a dismal $50 million over the holiday weekend. Movie nosedives like...
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    Monsters University : Childhood monsters from the '80s & '90s

    The '80s and '90s brought us movies with monsters from every possible realm: clowns, hyenas, possessed dolls and dinosaurs, to name...
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    World War Z quiz: Do you live or work with a zombie?

    With all this talk of zombies and a zombie apocalypse, your best defense is a sound offense. The best weapon against zombies is...
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    The Purge : Movies worth sitting in a theater for this weekend

    Much of the country waits all year for the dog days of summer and it takes a theatrical miracle (otherwise known as a “summer...
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    We're the Millers : trailer, cast and more

    Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis reunite for We're the Millers . The Horrible Bosses co-stars join forces for this action...
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    Disney's Planes : trailer, cast and more

    If you liked Cars , you're going to love Planes . It's Disney's newest animated film and tackles the world of aviation. Dane Cook...
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    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters : Trailer, cast and more

    Logan Lerman returns as the heroic Percy Jackson in Sea of Monsters . He's gearing up for another adventure that puts humanity's...
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    Paranoia : Trailer, cast and more

    Paranoia is a corporate thriller starring Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. It's a tale of ambition gone wrong as an...
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    The Mortal Instruments : trailer, cast and more

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    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones reveals New York City's hidden society. The supernatural thriller stars Lily Collins, who's...
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    Getaway : Trailer, cast and more

    Getaway is an action-packed thriller that pairs Ethan Hawke with Selena Gomez. The unlikely duo is in a race against time to...
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    Elysium : trailer, cast and more

    District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is heading to the future for Elysium . With the aid of Matt Damon, he'll tackle class and...
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    2 Guns : Trailer, cast and more

    This August, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are 2 Guns . They're lawmen, forced to think outside the box when their undercover...
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    The Internship : Trailer, cast and more

    In The Internship , Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson prove you're never too old to learn. The former wedding crashers set their sights...
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    Turbo : Trailer, cast and more

    DreamWorks Animation is revving up for Turbo . It's a new feature film starring Ryan Reynolds as a snail with the need for speed.
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    The Wolverine : Trailer, cast and more

    Hugh Jackman returns to his mutant roots in The Wolverine . This time, Logan will bare his claws in Japan, where he'll battle the...