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    How to keep plants alive in intense heat

    Are your plants looking a little sad from the intense summer heat? Find out what you can do to keep them alive when things heat up.
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    Protecting Garden During Heatwave

    While it's easy to see the importance of protecting gardens from cold weather and frost, the recent wave of record high temperatures...
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    What to Plant in July--Southeast

    The heat and humidity of the warm Southeastern U.S. wreaks havoc on gardens from now through the end of August. Although summer...
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    What to Plant in July--Midwest

    The Midwest , from the Great Lakes region to Northern Texas, is often called the "breadbasket of America" due to all the wheat...
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    What to Plant in July--New England

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    Despite what people think, July isn't too late to get started with a garden. There are plenty of vegetable plants that like the...
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    Growing Peppers

    Fiery hot or mild and sweet, peppers are a great addition to any home garden. Peppers grow best when temperatures are between 65...
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    Kids' Summer Garden

    When school is out for summer, it's not long before kids grow bored with hanging around the house. Give your children a fun...
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    Growing pumpkins

    When it's only June, Halloween seems like eons away. But if you want homegrown pumpkins for fall jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin pie,...
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    Patriotic Garden Decor

    Adding decorations and art that show off who you are is one of the best parts about making the garden your own. Gardening is an...
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    Garden Shade Cloth

    Just like people outside working in the garden, fruits and vegetables can get sunburned .  Some areas of the country, especially...
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    Get your garden vacation-ready

    When you leave for a week or more on summer vacation, you find someone to care for the pets, check the mail or even house sit. But...
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    Summer Garden Ideas

    By mid-summer your garden is pretty much in full swing, but there's always more you can add if you feel like making a change....
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    Zucchini Recipes

    As we head into summer, one of the most abundant veggies in the garden is zucchini . Even just one plant can produce enough to feed...
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    Growing Okra

    Okra is one of those "unusual" vegetables that home gardeners often don't think about growing in backyard gardens. Although...
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    Zone 3 Planting Schedule

    Now is the time to start planting your garden if you live in USDA Hardiness Zone 3 .  Zone 3 stretches along the U.S.-Canada...
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    Zone 6 Planting Schedule

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    Ensuring a successful harvest from your vegetable garden means planting at the right time for your region. Zone 6 includes cities...
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    Zone 5 Planting Schedule

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    Knowing when to start seeds and when to transplant them into your garden will help you maximize your harvest. The rules for when to...
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    Growing Eggplants

    Although they are grown widely in the Mediterranean, eggplants are native to Thailand. The plants make a beautiful accent to...
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    Growing Zucchini

    Zucchini is a popular member of the summer squash family. This warm-season vegetable can be grown anytime in spring and summer.
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    Choosing Tomato Plants

    Purchasing transplants from a nursery can provide you with ready-to-plant vegetables without the time commitment of raising plants...