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    Jeah! Hottie Olympian Ryan Lochte is a mama's boy

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    Ryan Lochte is -- hands down -- the star of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. We know he's hot, but did you know he's a mama's boy, too?
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    2012 London Olympics -- day 2 highlights

    Major surprises in swimming and gymnastics shocked fans on Sunday during the 2012 London Olympic Games. We break down the best --...
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    Twitter as bad for the Olympics as illegal drugs

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    Forget about steroids! The thing most Olympic athletes need to stay away from is Twitter, apparently. Find out why a Swiss soccer...
  4. Television

    Hottie Ryan Lochte goes for gold no. 2

    Michael Phelps dropped the 200-meter freestyle event. Will fellow American Ryan Lochte clinch another gold medal Monday night?
  5. Entertainment

    Video: Meet Olympian Rebecca Soni: Her Kellogg's commercial

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    Meet three-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni. The star swimmer is headed to this summer’s games in London and participating...
  6. Television

    Olympian Lolo Jones under fire for gun tweet

    A new day, a new "Twitter controversy" emerging from Olympic Village. Lolo Jones is the latest athlete to come under fire for a...
  7. Workouts

    Boxing workouts for women

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    For the first time, women are competing in boxing at the Summer Games. Canada will be watching Mary Spencer, middleweight boxer from...
  8. Entertainment

    Meet Olympian Kami Craig: "I’m a sucker for love stories"

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    She helped her team score the silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Now, U.S. water polo player Kami Craig is going back for the gold.
  9. Fashion & Style

    Olympics fashion and beauty must-haves

    It's time to get excited about the rapidly approaching 2012 Summer Games lovelies! Even if you're like me and aren't a huge sports...
  10. Parenting How-Tos

    How to get your kids involved in the Summer Games

    Get your kids excited and involved in the 2012 Summer Games by creating your very own! Set up some mock events around the backyard...
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    Summer Games style guide

    Its just about that time again, an event that has the ability to make anyone and everyone jump out of their seats! Summer Olympics!...
  12. Television

    Friday night's Olympic Opening Ceremony sets ratings records

    Friday night's ceremonies in London were viewed by over 40 million Americans and had over 5 million comments on Twitter.
  13. Entertainment

    Meet Olympian Katie O’ Donnell: "I have achieved my dream"

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    Katie O’Donnell is thrilled to be representing her country in Field Hockey in the 2012 London Olympics. Get to know this...
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    Hope Solo starts good old fashioned cat fight at the Olympics

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    After a Greek athlete was let go for sharing her comments on Twitter, Hope Solo decided to do the same today. This time, she was...
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    Mr. Bean brings the laughs to the Opening Ceremonies

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    Rowan Atkinson -- better known as Mr. Bean -- did his part for the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Check out his hilarious rendition...
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    James Bond escorts Queen Elizabeth to the Olympics in style

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    Queen Elizabeth can't simply take a car to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. No, she has to arrive in style -- what better way to do...
  17. Parenting

    Mommy tweets: Olympic mom Kerri Walsh, pregnant Kristin Cavallari, Emily Maynard

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    What were some of our favorite celebrity moms tweeting about this week? Olympic fever is in full force, so we loved checking out...
  18. Living

    Top U.S. 2012 Olympic Games female contenders

    While you're rooting for the red, white and blue at this summer's 2012 Olympic Games in London, be sure to keep an eye on Team USA's...
  19. Television

    Michael Phelps will answer to no one post-Olympics

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    Michael Phelps is putting his foot down. Nobody is going to tell him what to do or where to be any longer... as soon as the 2012...
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    Olympian's sarcastic tweet about Africans gets her banned

    Athletes work their entire lives in hopes of one day representing their country at the Olympic Games. Could you imagine losing it...